Thanks to the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill, Scotland joined the ranks as one of the most progressive countries in the world for gender equality. “For some reason, period products are regarded by some as a luxury, a luxury for which women should be charged,” Alison Johnstone, a member of parliament, said during a debate. “Why is it in 2020 that toilet paper is seen as a necessity but period products aren’t?” Even better, Lennon also acknowledged those who are transgender and non-binary, adding that the bill was designed to be inclusive of everyone who menstruates.

One for the literature and dinner party lovers, Burns Night Festival embodies the cultural background of Scotland. Each year, Scotland honors the famous poet with a country-wide Burns supper: a time to gather, eat, and celebrate. When: January 25th Look forward to: Poetry readings, reenactments, lavish meals, haggis and whiskey. 
Pro tip: This one you can celebrate anywhere, including your own home. There’s even a ready-made Spotify playlist for you to use. Otherwise, you can go wild at the Big Burns Supper, a festival and the biggest Burns Night Celebration on the planet.

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