Spring Blossoms Around The World

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April showers bring May flowers, and what encompasses the spirit of springtime than fresh blossoms flourishing alongside quaint countrysides and bustling cityscapes? These destinations are famed for different blossoms that perk up in the spring months- whether it's the mysterious pink aura of cherry blossoms in Tokyo to sprawls of wildflowers in Italy. Let's delve into the colorful and fragrant world of blooming flowers at these breathtaking destinations.

Gotland, Portland, Scotland, Bhutan, Tokyo, Umbria, Keukenhof

  • Gotland, Sweden

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      Gotland is a large Swedish island made up of quaint towns, picturesque fields, and incredible seaside views that make for an idyllic escape. Come springtime, flowers of all colors begin blossoming alongside the grassy fields, and greenery overflows from the wooden cottages and cobblestone pathways.

  • Portland, United States

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      Flourishing cotton-candy pink cherry trees, sprawling gardens, and glistening bluebells- Portland is a dream for flower lovers every spring. Enjoy touring the endless natural beauty that flourishes amongst local eateries, shopping, boutiques, and more. A paradise for hipsters, Portland's eccentricity is highlighted by the stunning scenery and blooming flowers that appear yearly.

  • Scotland, United Kingdom

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      Fluffy daffodils, stunning heather, and more grace the mossy shores of Scotland during spring months. Famed for gloomy weather, come spring the entirety of Scotland's stunning landscape is adorned in colorful blossoms and fresh green grass. Enjoy hiking rocky cliff sides, uncovering ancient castles, and enjoying comfort food at the pub with some truly gorgeous fresh spring scenery blooming.

  • Bhutan

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      Spring is kind to flower-lovers in Bhutan, the historic city glows in gem-like purple blossoms as the trees open up for the new season. Bhutan is famous for its extensive orchid collection, a unique rarity throughout the rest of the world, Bhutan houses over 300 orchid species that perk up in the warmer months.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      Cherry blossoms are beloved for their unique and mysterious beauty that only lasts for about one week every spring, a central aspect of Japanese culture that places importance on the transition of the seasons. Tokyo enters spring with the telltale sign of pale pink cherry blossom trees blooming throughout almost every corner of the bustling metropolis, Tokyo-ites celebrate by having "Hanami" or flower-viewing parties.

  • Umbria, Italy

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      The Umbria region of Italy is deeply intertwined with nature and seasons, every spring the rolling green hills are dusted with creamy freckles of fresh blooms. Known as the "Green Heart of Italy" the flowering of the fields of Castelluccio di Norcia is a sight not to be missed.

  • Keukenhof, Netherlands

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      Also known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is a flourishing tulip oasis in Lisse that features an array of vibrantly colored tulip blossoms every spring. Known famously for its incredible pigments and a sign of spring in The Netherlands, Keukenhof is home to seven million blooming tulips.