Fringe Festivals Around the World

Michele Humeston

Fringe Festivals are arts festivals- focussed on theatre but often involving many art forms- that seek to give a platform to independent, experimental, and alternative artists that otherwise exist on the “fringes” of the professional art world.

New York, San Diego, Amsterdam, Prague, Perth, Edinburgh

  • New York, United States

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    • michele

      In 1997, New York City became the seventh US city to host a fringe festival.

  • San Diego, United States

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    • michele

      The Fringe has brought the beautiful, the bizarre, and the unexpected to America’s Finest City for the last 7 years. And now, we're planning our 8th Edition, with a twist. Twist? Well, yeah.

  • Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    • michele

      Sometimes referred to as the NL Theater Festival’s quirky sister, Amsterdam Fringe Festival is all about bringing avant-garde productions to light.

  • Prague

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    • michele

      Theatre, comedy and fun in the heart of Prague!

  • Perth, Australia

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    • michele

      Fringe World Festival is an annual multi-arts fringe festival held in Perth, Western Australia during the city's summer festival season of January/February. Fringe World is recognised as the third largest Fringe in the world.

  • Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland

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    • michele

      The birthplace of Fringe.