Fairytale Fall Destinations In Europe

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Fall is a season coated in magic, from the transformation of nature in front of our eyes to the cool air settling in with chances to connect with our loved ones- cozy in a blanket and with a hot chocolate in hand. We are all about living our fairytale dreams, and these magical European destinations are sure to sweep you off your feet! From the glittering city of Prague to the enchanting countryside of Provence, this selection is what dreams are made of.

Edinburgh, Iceland, Dubrovnik, Lake District National Park, Provence, Prague, Alpe-Adria-Trail

  • Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland

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      Fall festivals and emphasis on Halloween and streets that look like they popped out of a fantasy movie- Edinburgh is made for an escapist fall getaway. Munch on Scottish cuisine (haggis, anyone?), spend the evening at the pub, and take insta-worthy pics along cobbled stone pathways drenched in historical architecture.

  • Iceland

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      Icy cold air and steaming hot thermal baths, Iceland brings an extreme twist to fall that allows visitors the chance to engage with nature in a life-changing way. Explore the golden circle, dipped in honey tones and ruby red hues, treat yourself to natural spas, and enjoy Icelandic cuisine that is sure to fuel up any adventurer.

  • Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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      This Croatian city has long been a summer travel destination, but in fall a crisp air settles, accompanying amber and gold leaves and endlessly cozy vibes. Explore this sparkling city, from daytime exploration to nighttime magic beneath the stars. A romantic fall destination for a metropolitan twist on the season, Dubrovnik is a fairytale come to life.

  • Lake District National Park, England

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      Hundreds of golden trees reflect into this mesmerizing lake to create a fall to remember. Lake District National Park is one of the most gorgeous destinations in the English countryside to embrace the changing season. Explore picturesque hiking tours, stunning views, and witness the true magic of fall.

  • Provence, France

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      Summers of olfactory lavender and vibrant hues of purple melt away to vineyards glowing in rich red and gold- Provence is a charming and outdoorsy fall destination. Embrace the autumnal charm of fiery colors, delectable wine, and a pleasantly temperate climate.

  • Prague

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      A sparkling city of light, from candlelit alleyways to metropolitan elegance- Prague is a city that encompasses a magical fall essence. Explore ancient cobbled stone pathways while leaves trickle through the cold air, tour medieval castles, and chow down on fall comfort food.

  • Alpe-Adria-Trail, Austria

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      Known as a "Garden Of Eden" for its lush greenery and vibrant nature, the Alpe Adria Trail transforms into a carpet of crisp autumnal leaves and cool air every fall. Embrace the beauty of the new season and hike one of Europe's most picturesque trails.