Pastel Colored Destinations For Spring

Seeker Editors

Spring is here! We are already planning our next aesthetic getaway to the most adorable, pastel-painted destinations across the planet. These vibrantly colored spots not only represent the vibe of the season but have fun activities, cozy cafes, coastal views, and (very importantly) photo-op-worthy locations. Touring a hidden Scottish village or strolling down a canal in France, nothing elevates a vacay like a pale-hued rainbow of pinks, yellows, blues, and more.

Tobermory, Colmar, Koon Seng Road, Bo Kaap - Dorp Straat, Notting Hill, Thera, Quebec City

  • Tobermory, Scotland

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      This off-the-beaten-path Scottish town is known far and wide for its brightly painted houses and seaside lifestyle. With an aquarium, cute cafes, and a stunning coastline all included, we highly recommend this beautiful destination for some major r&r and gorgeous scenery.

  • Colmar, France

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      Colmar is located near the German border of France, incorporating some aspects of German culture and visual design. Colmar is made up of walkable canals, cobblestone paths, and pale rainbow-colored buildings featuring German-influenced architecture. A destination like no other, Colmar is like a fairytale come to life in the spring- endless blossoms, clear weather, and an atmosphere of cheer sprinkled throughout the peaceful town.

  • Koon Seng Road in Singapore, Singapore

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      A bit different from the usual dynamic skyscrapers of Singapore, Koon Seng Road features aesthetically pleasing buildings in shades of pale pink, blue, and green in old European architecture. Koon Seng Road is known famously as the most colorful street in the city-state, made up of cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and must-see photo-op spots.

  • Bo Kaap - Dorp Straat in Cape Town, South Africa

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      Bo Kaap is easily one of the most instagrammable destinations in Cape Town, an exciting city with no shortage of adventures waiting. Made up of quaint cobblestone pathways and colorfully painted houses, Bo Kaap features gorgeous views of the city below. Bo Kaap's pastel-hued buildings were painted in celebration of freedom, and their vibrant hues represent Cape Town's future.

  • Notting Hill in London, England

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      This trendy neighborhood of London is famous for townhouses painted in vibrant pastel hues, as though the essence of spring has come to life. Along with being an excellent photo-op, and potentially *the* most beautiful area of London, Nottinghill has plenty of cozy cafes, boutiques, and other fun activities to uncover.

  • Thera in Thera, Greece

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      Endless full shades of white and pastel blue make up the iconic scenery of Santorini- a true dream destination that offers temperate weather throughout the spring. Just before the bustling summer tourism season, Take a trip to Greece and soak up balmy sunlight and flavorful Greek cuisine.

  • Quebec City in Quebec City, Canada

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      One of the oldest European cities in North America, Quebec City is a stylish enclave of old architecture, pastel-painted buildings, delicious cuisine, and stunning views. With a touch of authentic French culture in Canada, Quebec City is famed for its gorgeous castle hotels, historical sights, and world-class activities- a perfect destination for a fresh spring holiday that feels like you stepped into Europe.