Most Beautiful Sunsets Around The World

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Every evening there is a magical display of pigmented purples and reds painting the entire sky as the sun dissolves into the distance, and while some people may take this for granted- we take aesthetics *very* seriously at Seeker (no shade). We love soaking in the warm, orangey hues of the sun while sipping on a cool cocktail beachside, and we have kept note of the most breathtaking sunsets around the world for anyone else who feels similarly. Embrace nature's most phenomenal gift, and consider these gorgeous destinations we have selected for your next life-changing sunset.

Thera, Cape Town, Zanzibar, Phuket, Mumbai, Honolulu, Skye, Grundarfjörður, Key West

  • Thera in Thera, Greece

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      Santorini is a top vacation spot for many reasons- delectable cuisine, picturesque architecture, fresh seaside air, and friendly people, but one of our favorite memories of visiting Thera was def the sunset. Immaculate displays of pink, red, and orange light up the entire sky like a flame every evening, glowing against sparkling water and adorable white-painted houses along the hillside. If sunsets are on your checklist, along with food and everything else you need for an island getaway- make sure to consider this enchanting destination.

  • Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa

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      Cape Town is famous for unique landscapes and picturesque ocean views that make it one of the top spots in the world for awe-inspiring sunsets. Take advantage of the vast natural glory of Cape Town and hike up Lion's Head to catch the warm hues of the descending sun soak up the entire skyline and sink into the water beneath- or settle down on the beach for prime seaside views.

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

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      Zanzibar is a turquoise water-lined destination in Tanzania that also happens to have a gorgeous horizon for viewing the sunset. Spend the day snorkeling off of sandy shores and cozy up in the evening at a local seaside and feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons on our planet.

  • Phuket in Phuket, Thailand

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      Along the shore or in the mountains, Phuket is a prime destination for gorgeous sunsets year-round. With endless sunset spots sprawled out, from famous sunset bars that line the beach or high points in the vast natural landscape- there is something for every traveler at this dreamy destination.

  • Mumbai in Mumbai, India

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      Of course, a city that is shrouded in vibrant hues features prime spots for taking in the sunset- Mumbai is one of the most gorgeous and colorful cities in India to visit. Rest beachside at Juhu beach for intense colors that pause time, or witness the decadent event in the city for a sparkling feast of color, culture, and of course- natural sunlight.

  • Honolulu, United States

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      Honolulu is hands down a top destination for any sunset chasers who also love to relax and embrace a laid-back island lifestyle. This gorgeous paradise destination features copious spots ideal for taking in the transcending skyline against the ocean.

  • Skye, Scotland

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      The Isle of Skye in Scotland has established itself as one of the most magical getaways in Europe. Shrouded in soft green hues and abundant breaths of fresh air, at Skye you can immerse yourself in the descending horizon- complete with a purply, pink sky embracing the fairytale island landscape that stretches for miles.

  • Grundarfjörður, Iceland

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      Make your way to a remote Icelandic Village surrounded by dynamic landscapes, towering waterfalls, and iridescent waters to witness one of the most breathtaking sunsets in your life. Powerful flashes of pigmented colors spread out throughout the empty skyline to melt over the gorgeous coast.

  • Key West, United States

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      Key West has plentiful spots for optimal sunset views, a gorgeous beachside destination with sandy white shores, and perfect weather that attracts visitors from across the world. Witness scenic views of fiery oranges and muted purples sink into the endless shimmering ocean from the famous Mallory Square or local secret sunset spot- Fort Zach.