The Best Places To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Have your best green outfit packed and ready to go because it's that time of the year again. Whether you are looking for emerald sparkles and non-stop partying or a more cozy Irish pub moment, we have got you covered. From the USA to Europe, we have picked out the best spots to celebrate one of the world's most beloved holidays. Neon green rivers, day-long festivals, parades, and parties included- let's take a look at our lucky list.

London, Glasgow, Dublin, Washington, Dublin, Chicago, Boston

  • London in London, England

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      Whether you are looking to party or for some wholesome fun, the vibrant city of London has a list of exciting activities for the perfect St. Patrick's day. No shortage of spirited Irish pubs line the historical pathways of this famous city, along with comedy clubs, outdoor activities, and live performances, all in the spirit of good luck and being Irish. London might just be the next best thing on that side of the pond to Dublin itself, so don't overlook this option.

  • Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland

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      Plenty of Irish hospitality to go around in this cozy Scottish destination. For a St. Patrick's day that oozes authenticity, but still has its own spark- look no further than the antique city of Glasgow. Peruse down cobbled stone pathways and hit up the local Irish pub for a guaranteed good time, or even check out the festivities as they pop up throughout the town.

  • Dublin in Ireland, Ireland

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      Where better to celebrate this iconic Irish holiday than in the heart of Ireland itself? It's safe to say that Dublin takes St. Patrick's day *very* seriously, and you def need to pack all your favorite green clothes because you won't want to get caught in the festivities (that go on for multiple days) without 'em. From world-famous parades to cozy corner pubs, Dublin's St. Patrick's day spirit is like none other, and any fan of this holiday needs to have it on their bucket list.

  • Washington in Washington D.C., United States

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      Washington D.C hosts the iconic Shamrock festival every year, a full-day itinerary of live performances, games, carnival rides, and other family-fun events- that are fun for the entire family. D.C is always a destination for a little pizzazz, as the nation's capital, one with serious Irish heritage at that- St. Patrick's day is seen as a holiday to honor ancestors and ring in a sense of cheer in chilly winter days at the edge of spring.

  • Dublin, United States

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      Naturally, with a name like Dublin, you have to be a St. Patrick's destination - and this quaint Ohio spot takes that responsibility seriously. Witness their annual parade of spectacular floats, a tradition born from celebrations over 180 years ago. This historic town with deep Irish heritage is more than just sparkle, authentic Irish culture can be found around almost every corner of Dublin.

  • Chicago, United States

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      Think big when it comes to St. Patty's day in the windy city- Chicago manages to dye the entire river bright green to ring in the festivities, and it doesn't stop there. Enjoy a lively parade from Balbo Drive to Monroe Drive, and endless festivities.

  • Boston, United States

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      Boston has one of the world's largest celebrations for St. Patrick's day, with everything from parades, parties, events, and performances sparkling like emerald throughout the historic town. Boston has been celebrating this lucky holiday for over 200 years, the Irish spirit of the city cloaking the entire downtown in bright green and sparkles. There are so many things to do over St. Patrick's day weekend- bar hopping Irish pubs, live cultural performances, or showing up for a fun-filled parade through the city.