Island nation in East Asia known for its rich culture, advanced technology, cherry blossoms, sushi, samurai heritage, and bustling cities.

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While Christmas is generally treated as a romantic holiday in Japan, akin to Valentine's day, the New Year celebration is seen as family time- and lasts until January 3rd. Families gather to visit the temple at midnight and ring in a year of good luck, along with enjoying a traditional Osechi meal, a curated meal that attracts various good fortunes and celebrates the fresh start of the new year.

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Japan has a unique culture that spans centuries, and the gorgeous country has no shortage of incredible cultural experiences that welcome retired travelers to experience something new. Japan offers a travel visa that allows retired tourists a full year to explore the islands of the country, indulge in fresh Japanese cuisine, and sample traditional activities such as flower arrangement, pottery, cooking, and more.

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Japan is a captivating country known for its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning natural landscapes. From bustling Tokyo to historic Kyoto, there's something for every traveler in this land of the rising sun. Whether you're exploring ancient temples, sampling sushi, or soaking in a hot spring, Japan offers an unforgettable experience that's not to be missed.

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Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes

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Japan Guides

  • Fave Things to Do in Japan

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  • Top Destinations in Tokyo

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    Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities you can visit in the world. Along with the pure electricity of bustling streets and neon lights, Tokyo has plenty of open parks, and chances to get a taste of traditional Japanese culture. You can sip sake underneath pink blooming cherry blossoms in Ueno Park, and get lost in the kawaii pop culture of Harajuku, Tokyo has endless amounts of fun activities for the entire family to fill up your itinerary.
  • Fave Free Things to Do in Tokyo

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  • Nerdy Tokyo

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  • Chain Restaurants in Tokyo for Good Food at a Low-Cost

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    Foodies can also be budget travelers in Tokyo, there are so many options for inexpensive but delicious food in the city! When it comes to chain restaurants, not everyone is a fan, but I promise you that eating at these spots provides insight into what it’s like living in Japan while being conscious of spending. Whether you are craving Japanese curry, donburi, or ramen- there are tasty and inexpensive options available. Living in Tokyo as a college student meant I was constantly trying to live frugally while still enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine. I've gathered some of my favorite spots for Japanese comfort food that won't break the bank.
  • Things To Do and Food To Eat Near Roppongi Station

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    Roppongi is a famous district in Tokyo that is surrounded by a huge variety of entertainment and food options. From some of the most established art galleries in Tokyo, delicious Japanese food, sprawling parks, and vibrant after-hours; Roppongi never disappoints. Visit Roppongi Hills and view the mesmerizing statue of “Maman’ by Louise Bourgeois amongst artificial waterfalls, top-of-the-line shopping, and just down a stairwell you can see the bustling side of Tokyo nightlife; with dive bars full of character amongst late-night ramen and sushi shops. While this sprawling metropolis can be overwhelming, I have gathered a list of some of the best things to see, do and naturally, *eat* in Roppongi!
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  • Where to go for Matcha in Kyoto

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    Matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. While matcha has spread to be a globally loved and consumed flavor; arguably the best matcha in the world can be found in Uji, Kyoto. Uji is a district of Kyoto known as the birthplace of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, and people from all over Japan flock to this district to try authentic and fresh matcha treats. If you are taking time to explore all of the hidden treasures and traditional architecture and culture of Kyoto, you need to include an afternoon enjoying matcha as part of your checklist.
  • Japan Trip Ideas

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  • Best Thrift Shopping in Shimokitazawa

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    The patchwork of secondhand and vintage stores lining the winding streets near Shimokitazawa station are enchanting; with cafes, record shops, and arcades in between, the area is famously trendy yet more low key than Shibuya or Harajuku. Shimokitazawa is known for having a seemingly endless amount of fashionable shops catering to any subculture you can imagine. As someone passionate about shopping ethically and who is always looking for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe, I have spent countless day-long shopping sprees scouring thrift shops around every corner of ShimoKita. I’ve made a list of my go-to spots representing a variety of different trends for any thrifter who is looking to spend a day or two exploring one of the most unique assortments of secondhand and vintage boutiques you can find in Tokyo.
  • Night Out in Tokyo

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    Getting lost in Tokyo’s animated nightlife amongst the neon lights and bustling streets of Roppongi and Shibuya is a unique experience that cannot be compared to anywhere else. The city changes once the clock hits 10 pm and hidden in plain sight are some of the best bars and clubs that Tokyo has to offer. Naturally, we all have our own tastes, some people love luxury bars with artisan cocktails, others seek intense house music, and some just love to dance to the top 40. Tokyo has a place for everyone and a nightlife culture that seeks to include rather than be exclusive. I have selected some of the best spots that all have a distinctive vibe. Visit as many of these places as you like- the clubs in Tokyo often don’t close until 5:00 am. This is a last-train to first-train guide on immersing yourself in Tokyo after hours.
  • Adorable Cafes to visit in Tokyo

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    Amongst famous Pokemon and Hello Kitty cafes as well as dozens of owl and maid cafes; the cafe culture in Tokyo is a unique one. This list is primarily focused on the most delicious coffee combined with an aesthetically pleasant atmosphere. I have gathered some of the hidden gems scattered around Tokyo, for any coffee lover to enjoy some of the best coffee shops in the city. Whether you like tea, coffee, cute subculture, or artisanal drinks, this list has something for you.
  • Cafe and Bar Guide to Shimokitazawa

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    Shimokitazawa is a neighborhood in Tokyo full of delicious restaurants, bars, and cafes for nourishment as well as great shopping, and arcades for entertainment! As someone who lived in Tokyo for five years, Shimo was always my favorite place to take visitors- it's less packed than popular tourist spots and also offers access to delicious Japanese food and some of the most instagrammable cafes in Tokyo city. The vibe in Shimo is friendly and eclectic, adorned with second-hand stores and any type of food you can imagine. For this guide, I have gathered a list of great cafes and bars in Shimokitazawa to relax during your busy Tokyo days.
  • Things to do in Shibuya

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    Shibuya is easily one of the top tourist destinations in Tokyo. This lively part of the city encompasses all culture and entertainment, with stunning art galleries, shopping malls, and breathtaking views. With the iconic Shibuya Crossing right outside of the station, you are immediately exposed to neon lights and bustling streets. Enjoy delicious food, fashion boutiques, and anything you can imagine in what could be considered the center of all Japanese pop culture.
  • Tokyo Art Museums

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  • Things to Do and Eat in Kichijoji

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    Kichijoji is a neighborhood on the edge of Tokyo that provides some of the most unique and fun experiences the city has to offer. Along with rows of extensive shopping and delicious food and culture, the area is also famous for the large Inokashira park which houses the world-famous Ghibli Museum. I really recommend visiting Kichijoji to anyone travelling to Tokyo, the area is truly unique and encapsulates another side of daily life in Japan that isn't as accessible in more tourist-heavy areas. Enjoy this list of some of the tastiest food and most fun activities to do in Kichijoji!
  • Tokyo 2020: Top 10 Sights In The City

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    The Olympics have sparked the planning for our next big Tokyo adventure, and while we can’t go right now- we are living vicariously through making lists. Nothing like the eclectic mix of old and new, with ancient shrines and electric cities overflowing in second-hand electronics and *kawaii*. Tokyo city is fascinating, colorful, and full of endless discovery, as you will quickly notice while we take you through these bucket-list-worthy spots throughout the city.
  • Must Eat Sweets in Harajuku

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    Along with eccentric fashion, alleyways stuffed with world-famous boutiques, and loads of Japanese pop culture; Harajuku is famous for its endless amount of sweets. When I first moved to Tokyo in 2014, the go-to snack in Harajuku was Japanese style crepes, but the newest trend in the area is Bubble tea. Bubble tea became so popular in Tokyo that you can find it at the convenience store or at local fast-food chains. Other iconic desserts from Harajuku are insanely fluffy pancakes, honey toast, and of course the world-famous Kawaii Monster Cafe. While the trends are always changing in the world of sugary treats, in this list I’ve included some classic favorites from the hay-day of Harajuku fashion as well as the latest spots for you. My Tokyo weekends were not complete without grabbing a bubble tea and visiting the stylish boutiques along Cat Street.
  • Must See Shopping Boutiques in Harajuku and Shibuya

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    Along the looping Yamanote line lies the center of Japanese pop culture and fashion, the infamous Shibuya and Harajuku stations. Just 2 minutes apart by train and 15 by walking, no trip to Tokyo is complete without exploring this winding and bustling metropolitan shopping haven. You can find anything you need here from stationary to plush animals. I created a list of the must-see stops for your day in Shibuya and Harajuku for the most unique shopping experience in Tokyo.
  • Best Breakfasts in Tokyo

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    In case it isn't clear yet, breakfast is my favorite meal. I love trying out traditional-style breakfasts across the world, nothing beats starting a day of exploration with a hearty meal. My personal tastes aside, breakfast culture in Tokyo is something you cannot miss, check out my favorite destinations, from authentic Japanese style cooking to the fluffiest Hawaiian-inspired pancakes on the planet.

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  • Tokyo on a Budget: 8 Places to Eat (Without Breaking the Bank)

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  • A Nerd’s Guide to Tokyo: 15 of the Best Things to Do

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