Things to do in Shibuya

Madeleine Ray

Shibuya is easily one of the top tourist destinations in Tokyo. This lively part of the city encompasses all culture and entertainment, with stunning art galleries, shopping malls, and breathtaking views. With the iconic Shibuya Crossing right outside of the station, you are immediately exposed to neon lights and bustling streets. Enjoy delicious food, fashion boutiques, and anything you can imagine in what could be considered the center of all Japanese pop culture.

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  • Rainbow Karaoke Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

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      Rainbow Karaoke Shibuya is *the* fanciest Karaoke place that is also extremely affordable! Located in the trendy Marui mall, Rainbow Karaoke provides an authentic Karaoke experience fully equipped with musical instruments and flashy light shows. Enjoy a fun night singing with all of your friends while taking part in one of the most essential parts of Tokyo entertainment!

  • Adores Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

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      Arcades are a must in Tokyo! Adores is one of the most exciting spots for high tech gaming including new and classic games alike. Enjoy Dance dance revolution or Taiko no Tatsujin (my personal favorite) and then take some famous Purikura pictures after! There are a large selection of Purikura booths, Japanese photo booths, at Adores Shibuya. Take cute pictures with your friends and then decorate them however you imagine.

  • セルリアンタワー東急ホテル in Tokyo, Japan

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      I have included the bar at the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya, as a suggestion for evening time in Shibuya. Along with a stunning view of Tokyo, elegant atmosphere, and impeccable drinks, Cerulean Tower is considered one of the most luxurious bars in the city and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

  • Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho in Tokyo, Japan

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      Enjoy drinking the Japanese way at Nonebi Yokocho. Hidden amongst the buildings lies this charming alleyway of small bars, adorned with lanterns and kind party goers. Enjoy a beer chatting with travellers from around the world in this friendly part of the Tokyo nightlife experience.

  • Shibuya Scramble Square in Tokyo, Japan

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      Shibuya Scramble- also known as Shibuya Crossing is an iconic part of Tokyo that everyone has to see if they are in the city! Located across from the famous Hachiko statue lies the busy four-way crossing. This could be the most well-known pedestrian crossing in the world, featured in movies and TV endlessly. While you walk across you can truly feel the energy of Tokyo and Shibuya, take a lot of pictures before the light turns red!

  • Hachikō Memorial Statue in Tokyo, Japan

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      Hachiko is a statue honoring a dog who is honored for his loyalty. The statue is located right by an entrance to Shibuya Station and directly across from the famous Shibuya crossing. Of course, it is essential to snap a picture with this patient puppy, but I added Hachiko also as it is considered to be one of the main meeting spots for any friends who are meeting up in Shibuya. It is very common to ask people to meet you at Hachiko, and while you are there you will definitely see a lot of people reuniting and catching up. The energy at Hachiko is a vibrant and busy one, and personally, I consider it to be the heart of Shibuya.

  • SHIBUYA SKY in Tokyo, Japan

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      Shibuya Sky offers one of the most stunning views of Tokyo. The 360-degree view is on top of the recently constructed Shibuya Scramble building. Visit Shibuya Sky to see Tokyo from above and take some breathtaking photos that you will never forget.

  • Tower Records Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

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      Tower Records Shibuya is a popular spot for all music lovers. This is actually one of the biggest musical retailers in the world and has been a part of the fabric of Shibuya for a long time. Enjoy the endless collection of music, as well as a delicious and cozy cafe offering comfort food with a view overlooking the city.

  • Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo, Japan

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      This elegant mall targets a slightly more mature audience than what can usually be found in Shibuya. Along with a collection of boutiques featuring cosmetics, clothing, and lifestyle brands, Hikarie has a massive underground supermarket with top of the line ingredients as well as two floors full of a variety of restaurants. On the top of this building also rests a theatre, as well as space for art galleries. Hikarie is easy to access from the Tokyo metro and is a must-see for anyone who loves to shop- or loves food!

  • SHIBUYA 109 in Tokyo, Japan

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      Shibuya 109 has for a long time been seen as the center of all fashion for trendy girls in Japan. With multiple floors full of fashionable foreign and Japanese brands alike, this mall continues to not only be a staple of the cityscape of Shibuya but also provide curated style options sure to inspire any fashion lover.

  • Mega Don Quijote Shibuya, Japan

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      Mega Don Quijote is arguably the most extensive of the popular variety store in the entirety of Tokyo. This number one tourist spot has endless floors stuffed full of souvenir worthy purchases, tasty snacks, drinks, cosmetics, as well as anime and pop culture paraphernalia.

  • and people Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

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      and People Cafe is an enchanting escape from the busy streets of Shibuya. Enter this beautiful cafe bar, elaborately decorated with lights, cloth, and antique furniture eclectic enough for an aesthetic picture, and enjoy handcrafted delicious cocktails or coffee beverages. Along with an extensive drink menu, there are also some tasty bites to enjoy while laughing with friends in this magical, off the beaten path spot.