Cafe and Bar Guide to Shimokitazawa

Madeleine Ray

Shimokitazawa is a neighborhood in Tokyo full of delicious restaurants, bars, and cafes for nourishment as well as great shopping, and arcades for entertainment! As someone who lived in Tokyo for five years, Shimo was always my favorite place to take visitors- it's less packed than popular tourist spots and also offers access to delicious Japanese food and some of the most instagrammable cafes in Tokyo city. The vibe in Shimo is friendly and eclectic, adorned with second-hand stores and any type of food you can imagine. For this guide, I have gathered a list of great cafes and bars in Shimokitazawa to relax during your busy Tokyo days.

ビアバルフェスタ 下北沢 / Beer Bar Festa Shimokitazawa, Poor Cow, Drink & Mood mou, TROUBLE PEACH, Waffle cafe ORANGE, Café Trois Chambres, OTO COFFEESTAND, Bookends Coffee Service, Cafe Normale, kate coffee, bio ojiyan cafe Shimokitazawa, the usual

  • ビアバルフェスタ 下北沢 / Beer Bar Festa Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, Japan

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      Beer Bar Festa is a cozy establishment that offers a wide array of options for any beer lover. Along with a delicious menu featuring elegant snacks to pair with your drink, and a beautiful interior- visit this bar to fill up and relax after your hectic day.

  • Poor Cow in Tokyo, Japan

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      The spot for all music fans, Poor Cow is a local favorite and lively bar in Shimokitazawa. This bar is for gathering and meeting fellow music lovers and musicians while enjoying great songs and even watching live performances. Enjoy a drink in a vibrant setting and even make some new friends.

  • Drink & Mood mou, Japan

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      This DJ Bar has a huge variety of drinks, and a large enough beer selection to satisfy even your pickiest friend. Visit Mou for great vibes and amazing music with a fashionable crowd.

  • TROUBLE PEACH in Tokyo, Japan

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      A famous music bar in Tokyo, Trouble Peach is a historical establishment in Shimokitazawa. Trouble Peach is up a stairwell from the bar Eat A Peach, the bar is adorned with records from any type of music genre you can imagine. Enjoy a drink along with music lovers in this lively and objectively legendary venue in Tokyo.

  • Waffle cafe ORANGE in Tokyo, Japan

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      Waffle cafe Orange is famous for both sweet and savory waffles. The cafe itself is bright and positive, with friendly staff and a delicious menu. This cafe is a little off the beaten path, and worth visiting for its array of options and tasty drinks.

  • Café Trois Chambres in Tokyo, Japan

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      From 1980, this boutique cafe has stayed true to the vintage interior, beautifully designed to feel as though you truly stepped into a past time period. Enjoy some of the best coffee in Tokyo along with a delicious menu, for a very affordable price.


    Image of OTO COFFEESTAND on Seeker
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      A very popular coffee stand, Oto coffee is a great place to get a delicious coffee-to-go when you don't have a lot of time. This is a local favorite in Tokyo, definitely stop by if you are in the area and need a pick me up.

  • Bookends Coffee Service in Tokyo, Japan

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      A small cafe right near Shimokitazawa station. Bookends Coffee service offers a selection of both savory and sweet snacks as well as famously delicious coffee and other beverages. Stop by to grab a coffee to go to take on your day walking through the winding lanes of Shimokitazawa.

  • Cafe Normale in Tokyo, Japan

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      Cafe Normale is known for its tasty and fresh menu. Try the fluffy french toast and enjoy the adorable latte art and calming interior of this local favorite stop.. With an affordable and versatile menu, Cafe Normale is sure to satisfy any craving.

  • kate coffee in Tokyo, Japan

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      This atmospheric coffee shop has a delicious menu as well as some of the best coffee in town. Kate coffee is open until midnight and is a frequent stop for musicians in between gigs in the Shimokitazawa area. Along with coffee and food, Kate coffee also carries an alcohol menu making it perfect for this list featuring both cafes and bars.

  • bio ojiyan cafe Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, Japan

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      This cafe specializes in risotto, with delicious Japanese cuisine inspired takes on the popular dish. Along with delicious and heartwarming coffee and other delicious drinks, bio ojiyan cafe features a lively atmosphere with cozy seating and huge windows.

  • the usual, Japan

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      The usual has a tasty selection of adorable cakes and amazing coffee. Visit this cute cafe for picturesque latte art and a moment of relaxation during a busy day of exploring Tokyo.