Things To Do and Food To Eat Near Roppongi Station

Madeleine Ray

Roppongi is a famous district in Tokyo that is surrounded by a huge variety of entertainment and food options. From some of the most established art galleries in Tokyo, delicious Japanese food, sprawling parks, and vibrant after-hours; Roppongi never disappoints. Visit Roppongi Hills and view the mesmerizing statue of “Maman’ by Louise Bourgeois amongst artificial waterfalls, top-of-the-line shopping, and just down a stairwell you can see the bustling side of Tokyo nightlife; with dive bars full of character amongst late-night ramen and sushi shops. While this sprawling metropolis can be overwhelming, I have gathered a list of some of the best things to see, do and naturally, *eat* in Roppongi!

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  • L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Roppongi Hills Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

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      This luxury 2 Michelin star restaurant is located in the heart of Roppongi Hills. Inspired by Omakase sushi counters, this shop was the first of its kind in the family of world-class Joel Robuchon eateries.

  • Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

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      Kaikai Kiki Gallery is a small basement gallery established by world-famous Japanese artist Murakami Takashi. Featuring a roster of established and newly discovered artists, the gallery has frequent events and is an intimate space off the beaten path near the Roppongi area.

  • XEX in Tokyo, Japan

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      XEX is a restaurant frequented by Japanese and foreign celebrities alike and featuring a menu of eclectic Japanese and Western cuisine. Visit here for world-famous sushi and teppanyaki prepared at your table.

  • Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan

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      The oldest Hard Rock Cafe in Japan, Hard Rock Cafe Roppongi, and a favorite restaurant offering a unique experience in Tokyo. Find the huge guitar along the busy streets of Roppongi and visit this location for hearty food in big portions and witness a new side of Tokyo city life.

  • Hinokicho Park in Tokyo, Japan

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      In the center of the metropolis of Roppongi, take a breath of fresh air and relax amongst the landscaped gardens of Hinokicho Park. This famous park features large open grassy spaces, paved walkways, and a beautiful pond. The park also has seasonal displays, such as illuminations and an ice rink during the wintertime and cherry blossom trees in full bloom during the spring.

  • Gonpachi Nishiazabu in Tokyo, Japan

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      Famous for being a location in the world-famous Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill, the food and setting of Gonpachi will not disappoint. Featuring a menu of tasty Yakitori (Japanese fried chicken) and other popular dishes such a sushi, tempura, sashimi, and soba noodles to name a few- stop by Gonpachi for a meal and experience you will never forget.

  • Tsuru TonTan UDON NOODLE Brasserie in Tokyo, Japan

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      Tsuru TonTan is a must-go noodle shop in Roppongi for amazing proportions, unmatched anywhere in Tokyo. This shop has a huge menu as well with any type of udon flavor of your dreams, including various seasonal menu options as well. Open until 11 pm, visit Tsuru TonTan for lunch, dinner, or after a night out in the city for some true Japanese comfort food.

  • Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori in Tokyo, Japan

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      One of the most famous views in Tokyo, Keyakizaka Dori is a winding road near Roppongi Hills aligned with huge Japanese cherry blossom trees and high-end shopping. At the end of the road, you can see the Tokyo Tower in the distance, and during the winter there are multicolored illumination lights decorating every tree. Come by for a peaceful stroll at this true gem location in Tokyo.

  • DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee in Tokyo, Japan

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      DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee is a small but very popular coffee shop located about 20min walk from Roppongi Station, along the nearby area of Azabu Juban. Azabu Juban is famously known as the location for Sailor Moon, and what better way to explore the area with a huge fresh donut and some of the best coffee in Tokyo.

  • Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan

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      Truly the most famous part of the area of Roppongi is Roppongi Hills. This is where the best dining, views, and culture all gather in the giant shopping, residential, and entertainment complex. Visiting Roppongi hills is a must while in Tokyo, just to experience the beautiful architecture of the building and taste some of the best restaurants in Japan. There is also a movie theatre at the complex as well as the Mori Art Museum.

  • Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo, Japan

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      Tokyo Midtown is a shopping complex that offers a mix of luxury shopping as well as house favorites including Muji and Uniqlo. At Midtown there is truly something for everyone. This complex is also very famous for the food level at the bottom, visit here to experience fresh and delicious takes on anything you can imagine, for a truely unique culinary experience in Tokyo.

  • The National Art Center, Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      With one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country of Japan, The National Art Center sits about a 10-minute walk from Roppongi Station. This gorgeous and intricately architectured museum features temporary exhibitions that have included world-famous artists such as Monet and Magritte.

  • Starbucks TSUTAYA Tokyo Roppongi branch in Tokyo, Japan

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      This Starbucks is unlike any you have visited before. Along with having a unique and seasonal menu, this trendy cafe is located in a popular books and electronics store, Tsutaya. While drinking a matcha latte might sound cozy surrounded by the luxury electronic displays and sprawling collection of books- what truly sets this location apart is the huge glass windows providing an optimal view of Tokyo. Get a taste of life in Tokyo, with Tokyo Tower glowing orange in the background. Grab one of the many available English books and cozy up in one of the most popular meeting spots in Roppongi.

  • Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan

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      Arguably the most established gallery in Tokyo, Mori Art Museum sits on the 53rd floor of the Mori Tower located in Roppongi Hills. This museum has housed works from Japanese artists including Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami and has work from other notable artists including Ai Weiwei, Gohar Dashti, Tokujin Yoshioka, and Bill Viola. At the Mori Art Museum, there are always unique gallery displays, including a Naruto themed exhibition as well as a Tim Burton one.