Best Breakfasts in Tokyo

Madeleine Ray

In case it isn't clear yet, breakfast is my favorite meal. I love trying out traditional-style breakfasts across the world, nothing beats starting a day of exploration with a hearty meal. My personal tastes aside, breakfast culture in Tokyo is something you cannot miss, check out my favorite destinations, from authentic Japanese style cooking to the fluffiest Hawaiian-inspired pancakes on the planet.

bills 二子玉川, Natural Lawson, Honolulu Coffee, Eggs 'n Things, Le Pain Quotidien, Ivy Place, Tsumugi, Flipper's Jiyugaoka, WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY Kichijoji

  • bills 二子玉川 in Tokyo, Japan

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      Bills Futakotamagawa is an elegant restaurant situated on a rooftop nearby the bustling Futakotamagawa station. While this restaurant exists in other locations in Tokyo, the one at Futako is great in that it has a more low-key atmosphere and plenty of space. Enjoy Bill's famous ricotta pancakes which are served with fresh banana slices and honey in this cool destination on the outskirts of the city.

  • Natural Lawson in Tokyo, Japan

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      A convenience store breakfast is a must while staying in Japan. Natural Lawson is a slightly more fancy version of the Lawsons you see at every corner in the city, so if you come across one definitely take a look. Including lots of interesting imported foods from across the globe, healthy options, and unique onigiri flavors- Natural Lawson is my personal favorite convenience store chain in Japan.

  • Honolulu Coffee in Tokyo, Japan

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      Along the historical pathways of Azabu Juban, Honolulu Coffee provides cheesy breakfast sandwiches and decadent Hawaiian-style pancakes. This cozy location has an amazing view to people watch the eclectic residents of this ritzy area while enjoying the finest coffee in the city and listening to traditional Hawaiian music.

  • Eggs 'n Things in Tokyo, Japan

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      What else is better in the morning than Eggs 'n Things? Fresh, delectable breakfasts are the specialty here, attracting dedicated customers every day. Enjoy a hearty meal inspired by traditional Hawaiian-style cooking. Serving fluffy pancakes and plenty of island favorites, Eggs 'n Things is a must for any breakfast lover.

  • Le Pain Quotidien in Tokyo, Japan

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      Nearby the beautiful Shibakoen park, where you can get an excellent view of the Tokyo Tower, Le Pain Quotidien brings delicious Belgian style food to Tokyo Metropolis. A little like walking into a fairy tale world, Le Pain Quotidien serves fresh bread with tasty toppings and world-class coffee to make for a quaint destination to nourish plentifully in the morning.

  • Ivy Place in Tokyo, Japan

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      A ritzy destination, Ivy Place is nestled in the super fashionable area of Daikanyama. Located right next to the abundant Tsutaya book store, Ivy Place serves top-class meals for those seeking an elegant and tasty start to their day.

  • Tsumugi in Tokyo, Japan

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      Enjoy authentic Japanese breakfast food in this delightful traditional-style restaurant. Savory fish served with freshly cooked rice, miso soup, and an abundance of delicious side dishes- Japanese-style breakfasts are sure to fill you up for your busy day. Tsugumi serves an 18-course meal for only 1800 yen full of delicious Japanese breakfast items and is located in the world-famous culinary destination of Tsukiji.

  • Flipper's Jiyugaoka in Tokyo, Japan

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      Nestled in the trendy neighborhood of Jiyugaoka, Flipper's provides Japan's favorite pancakes every day. Enjoy uber fluffy Japanese-style pancakes and delicious coffee at this uniquely Japanese pancake spot.

  • WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY Kichijoji in Tokyo, Japan

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      World Breakfast All Day is an eclectic breakfast joint located in the artsy neighborhood of Kichijoji. With unique takes on traditional meals from around the world, and a homey atmosphere- World Breakfast All Day is a must for any hungry travelers.