Things to Do and Eat in Kichijoji

Madeleine Ray

Kichijoji is a neighborhood on the edge of Tokyo that provides some of the most unique and fun experiences the city has to offer. Along with rows of extensive shopping and delicious food and culture, the area is also famous for the large Inokashira park which houses the world-famous Ghibli Museum. I really recommend visiting Kichijoji to anyone travelling to Tokyo, the area is truly unique and encapsulates another side of daily life in Japan that isn't as accessible in more tourist-heavy areas. Enjoy this list of some of the tastiest food and most fun activities to do in Kichijoji!

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  • Blue Sky Coffee in Tokyo, Japan

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      Blue Sky Coffee is a little take-out coffee spot in the middle of Inokashira Park, just nearby Kichijoji Station in Tokyo. Enjoy strolling through the beautiful park with some delicious coffee in hand. The coffee is always freshly roasted and very popular for both locals and tourists.

  • Iseya Koen-ten in Tokyo, Japan

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      If you would like to enjoy some authentic Japanese Yakitori (fried chicken) look no further than this famous and also affordable restaurant near Inokashira Park in Kichijoi. This is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and also provides a huge selection of tasty Yakitori to satisfy any craving.

  • Kichijouji Petit Mura in Tokyo, Japan

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      Kichijoji Petit Mura is an area of the city that looks as though a children's picture book has come to life. With adorable architecture and calming colors, explore this dreamlike oasis in bustling Kichijoji.

  • Musashino Hachimangu in Tokyo, Japan

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      Musashino Hachimangu is a beautiful and spacious shrine area in Kichijoji which is where the enshrined guardian of Kichijoji rests. Off the busy commercial excitement in the city of Kichijoji, these grounds provide a secluded and serene atmosphere to take a breath and appreciate the traditional Japanese architecture and culture.

  • Kichijoji SUNROAD shopping district in Tokyo, Japan

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      Sunroad shopping district is stuffed full of tasty street food and unique retail shops. Enjoy strolling through this vibrant and popular part of town and exploring this unique shopping complex.

  • Coppice Kichijoji in Tokyo, Japan

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      Coppice Kichijoji is a modern shopping center that provides a great mixture of name brands, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes to appeal to truly any wish you could have. Along with cute stuffed animal shops and even a Kid's play area, this is truly a mall for everyone.

  • Harmonica Yokocyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      Throughout your Tokyo travels, you might uncover various atmospheric alleyways of little bars, and one of the best examples is the beautiful and intimate pathways along Harmonica Yokocho. Visit Harmonica Yokocho during the evening for tasty drinks and friendly people and see a new side of the city.

  • Inokashira Park, Japan

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      Inokashira Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo. The park has paved pathways to enjoy a stroll, a beautiful pond equipped with boats for visitors, and cherry blossom trees that unfold to create a truly stunning site in the spring. Enjoy the well-kept grounds of the park for a breath of fresh air during your Tokyo explorations.

  • 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 in Tokyo, Japan

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      The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka is on the grounds of Inokashira Park near Kichijoji Station. The museum itself is created for the world of Ghibli; memorabilia from Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and more world-famous films all decorate every corner of this beautiful museum. With exhibits showing the animation and creative process of Hayao Miyazaki, at this famous museum, you can get a true insight into the careful details and thought put into every masterpiece. Ghibli is truly a beloved animation company on a world scale and it is highly recommended that you visit this museum while in Tokyo. The museum cafe is also very delicious and worth any line.

  • Café Zenon in Tokyo, Japan

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      Cafe Zenon is a beloved cafe that is known for a very casual and comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy reading one of the provided comic books and try the delicious and unique menu. The cafe is actually famous for Curry Pizza, a take on Japanese curry that may sound strange but is absolutely delicious. Along with eclectic decorations, friendly service, and the amazing atmosphere- this is a must-go restaurant for your day spent in Kichijoji.

  • Cafe RIGOLETTO in Tokyo, Japan

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      Cafe Rigoletto is a family-owned cafe with delicious homemade pastries, Italian cuisine, exceptional coffee, and very friendly service. I added this quaint cafe to this list of what to do in Kichiijoji as it is an example of truly exceptional food as well as the perfect stop for unwinding after shopping in Kichijoji for a tasty lunch. This is an Italian themed cafe and restaurant, and with it comes some of the best Italian food you may just forget you are in Tokyo.