Montreal takes gastronomy extremely seriously, home of fresh buttery bagels and uber greasy poutine- Montreal serves up comfort food in the best way possible. Along with endless amounts of delectable late-night snacks, Montreal has an incredibly diverse population that results in every cuisine imaginable being accessible in the city, along with plenty of high-quality French cooking that has stunned some of the most famous chefs across the globe.

Montreal has one of the most concentrated collections of visionary artists in North America. The eclectic city is lined with petite galleries to hop, immersive technological experiences, and massive art museums housing thousands of archival works. Explore one of the most unique and creative cities in the world, and embrace the cutting-edge art that seeps through the city streets.

Montreal is one of Canada’s most exciting cities, and don’t be afraid of any language barrier, as the city has been tailored to be a tourist-friendly destination. Montreal’s many neighborhoods each have something unique to offer, from the eclectic, youthful vibe of Le Plateau to the European essence radiating from the picturesque architecture of Old Montreal. Sit back this summer and take in the city's 'joie de vivre' at one of the plentiful outdoor terraces downtown, munch on authentic poutine, and laugh the delightfully warm night away.

Home of Poutine, fries covered in squishy cheese and gravy, and the center of art and culture in French Canada, Montreal is a slice of Europe tucked into North America. Canada is an extremely safe country to adventure alone, and while caution and street smarts are recommended, Montreal is one of the safer cities on the continent to explore solo. Montreal is incredibly walkable, with clean and dependable public transportation, and the majority of people are perfectly bilingual in both French and English. Enjoy the picturesque Old Port along with plentiful elegant boutiques and museums spread out throughout the dynamic city. We are big fans of both poutine and breakfast food- two things Montrealers take pride in, so be prepared for some hearty meals which will be easily walked off in your explorations of the charming city. We recommend Montreal for first-time solo travelers due to the vibrancy and friendliness the city provides.

Montreal has what every libra loves, a balance between two distinct aspects of the city. The old and new Montreal intertwine seamlessly, along with boutique shopping, a thriving art scene, and cozy cafes to daydream in. Montreal is a North American treasure that any libra would be thrilled to escape to for a dreamlike adventure.

Montreal has beautiful cobblestone streets, Christmas markets, and illuminations around the entire city to celebrate the season. The intersection of French culture with Anglo Canadian culture makes Montreal a truly unique experience. I imagine hiking up Mt. Royal in the winter and seeing the snowscape of the city makes for a charming and active activity for Christmas day.

Whenever possible, stay overnight. The food scene is insane, and the city is home to some of my favorite cozy cocktail bars in the world. But if you only have one day, take it and run. My favorite day trip is brunch and coffee at Tommy on St. Paul (get the avotoast) and an afternoon of R&R at Bota Bota. Pay for the 3-hour water circuit to enjoy 3 levels of hot tubs, saunas, cold pools and hammocks on a floating river spa boat. Distance from Burlington: 1.75 hours (passport needed).

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