Coolest Places To Develop Film Around The World

Madeleine Ray

As someone obsessed with using film, I always have to look up the best and most reliable spots for development and printing in every city I visit. These are just a few cozy spots that stood out, diamonds in the rough, who provided excellent service and incredible quality. For those who are also obsessed with quality film development, or just looking to discover something new about the photography world, consider stopping by these off-the-beaten-path spots in some of the most exciting cities of the world on your next vacay.

Fotomaru, West Camera, Palette Plaza Azabujuban, Premier Imaging & Camera, Photo Saint Denis, The Color House NY, Inc., Bleeker Digital Solutions

  • Fotomaru in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Fotomaru on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      A hidden storefront that opens up to be one of the coolest spots in town to get film developed, and foreigner-friendly at that. This shop prides itself in processing film to the highest level and providing an excellent selection of printing options, digital options, and film to purchase.

  • West Camera in Toronto, Canada

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      West Camera puts an emphasis on art, in a way that welcomes all visitors in the store to engage further with the funky camera scene of Toronto. With a rentable studio, excellent film development, and cool techy purchases available- it's no wonder the photography crowd loves this spot.

  • Palette Plaza Azabujuban in Tokyo, Japan

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      They can develop 35mm film in one hour- it’s not such a dead art anymore. Palette Plaza has turquoise colored, wood-paneled shops all throughout the bustling city of Tokyo, and each one offers top-tier service, excellent film to buy, and other funky printing options for artsy travelers.

  • Premier Imaging & Camera in Pittsburgh, United States

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    • madeleineray

      Pittsburgh has only a few options for developing film outside of drug store chains, but Premiere Image has served the community well with super fast development and an amazing array of films. From film with bubbles to Lomography to good old Portra 400, Premiere Image has it.

  • Photo Saint Denis in Montreal, Canada

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      Photo St. Denis is a family-run business along the eclectic Saint-Denis street in Montreal’s plateau neighborhood. A popular spot that attracts camera nerds from across the city to its warmly lit, well-stocked spot, Photo St. Denis also develops film quite quickly and with impeccable quality.

  • The Color House NY, Inc. in New York, United States

    Image of The Color House NY, Inc. on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      This modern film lab is efficient and organized, with all the film rolls you can imagine available for sale. Located in the fashionable Soho neighborhood, your rolls will be collected alongside the artsy fashion crowd of the city.

  • Bleeker Digital Solutions in New York, United States

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      Bleeker Digital is a cozy LES spot that has been developing and printing high-quality images in NYC for over 20 years. A fave of the local 35mm crowd in the city, and family-owned, you can be sure to receive your photos quickly and for a fair price.