Artsy Things To Do in Le Plateau & Mile End

Madeleine Ray

The neighboring Plateau and Mile End neighborhoods of Montreal Island are easily described as the artsiest and most eclectic, ideal for any travelers looking for some creative energy in their adventures. As someone currently staying in these flourishing areas, who is always on the lookout for new activities and exhibitions, these are currently some of the top bucket list artsy destinations between the two. Whether you want to gallery hop and see some contemporary work, spend the day lost in thrift stores, or pick up some moody 35mm film- these are the sights to see.

Dragon Flowers, Station 16 Editions, Cinéma L'amour, Bar Le Royal, Photo Saint Denis, Aire commune, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, Annex Vintage

  • Dragon Flowers, Canada

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    • madeleineray

      With an overflowing array of flourishing petals, greenery, and picturesque birdcages, Dragonflowers Shop is a fixture that is essential to the artistic fabric of the Mile End neighborhood. Purchase exquisite bouquets, and meet the incredibly kind and knowledgeable family that seeks to spread joy through the impeccable blossoms that they share with the community.

  • Station 16 Editions in Montreal, Canada

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      Station 16 Editions is a contemporary gallery that displays truly cutting-edge works by both local and international artists. This urban gallery frequently has popular exhibitions that feature graffiti, and spectacular silkscreen prints.

  • Cinéma L'amour in Montreal, Canada

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      An iconic Montreal spot, Cinema L’amour is a relic of times past. This destination is actually a vintage adult-film cinema but is a spot to see merely for the retro vibes and fashionable merchandise available.

  • Bar Le Royal in Montreal, Canada

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      Embrace the ambient speakeasy vibe that embraces the essence of what makes Montreal’s hip bars unique to the city. Bar Le Royal is a dimly lit, atmospheric destination for adorable cocktails, hip underground music, and unforgettable memories.

  • Photo Saint Denis in Montreal, Canada

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      Photo St. Denis has been established as *the* go-to spot for any photography fans in Montreal, with quick film delivery, plentiful film to select from, and other interesting camera finds. Any artsy camera needs or technical needs can be assisted at this incredibly friendly, helpful, and convenient location.

  • Aire commune in Montreal, Canada

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      A hip work spot during the day that transforms into a popular, outdoor party spot at night- Aire Commune is easily one of the coolest venues in the city.

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park in Montreal, Canada

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      Since the pandemic, Montreal’s grassy parks have popped out as some of the coolest places to chill and socialize. Laurier park's location in between Le Plateau and Mile End, just off the vibrant, picturesque Laurier Avenue which is full of tasty restaurants and hip bars, makes it one of the best parks to check out in the city. Enjoy quaint daytime picnics munching on snacks and sipping cider, or socialize into the late hours with live DJ performances and (socially distant) party vibes.

  • Annex Vintage in Montreal, Canada

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      One of the most popular thrift stores in the eclectic Mile End neighborhood, Annex Village has a curated selection of retro styles to add to any fashionista’s wardrobe. Explore racks of vintage pieces, from the ’70s to Y2K and find some truly stunning (and affordable) holy grails. A must for any fashion lover visiting Montreal!