Iconic Places In Canada

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Canada has no shortage of incredible experiences, from bustling international cities to untouched wilderness. These are a few of our favorite, quintessentially Canadian experiences that need to be on your travel bucket list. From the Quebecois charm of Old Montreal to Vancouver’s sprawling Stanley Park- East Coast to West Coast (and everything in between) we have you covered.

Whistler, Stanley Park, Vancouver Island, Old Quebec, Old Montreal, Parliament Hill, CN Tower, Banff National Park Of Canada, Niagara Falls

  • Whistler, Canada

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      Located just north of Vancouver, Whistler is a town in BC that is home to one of the biggest ski resorts in North America. For all your snow-capped outdoorsy activities, Whistler is an ideal, quaint destination. Whether your thing is getting cozy by the fireplace with a mystery novel or hitting the slopes.

  • Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada

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      Stanley Park is a world-renowned nature park that encompasses a sprawling green oasis within the city of Vancouver. Festive beaches, First Nations totem poles, parks overflowing with flowers, and more, Stanley Park is the quintessential Canadian west coast vibe that you *need* to experience.

  • Vancouver Island, Canada

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      With a thriving art scene, picturesque scenery, and idyllic climate, Vancouver island is easily one of the top destinations throughout Canada. Watch wildlife, from colorful birds to whales, relax along the beach, and tour fascinating museums on this scenic island along Canada’s west coast.

  • Old Quebec in Quebec City, Canada

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      A designated UNESCO world heritage site, Old Quebec city features old European architecture and atmosphere with an unmistakable Quebecois flair. With some of the oldest architecture in North America, impeccable cuisine, and plenty of sights to see- it's no wonder this is one of the most popular places in beautiful Quebec city.

  • Old Montreal in Montreal, Canada

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      There is nothing quite like the old European charm of Old Montreal, that you cannot find anywhere else in North America. Sip on a cafe au lait along cobbled stone pathways, indulge in some of Montreal's premium gastronomy, and witness the view from up high in a Ferris wheel alongside the old port.

  • Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada

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      Ottawa’s famous parliament hill is home to the Canadian government, housed in historical architecture and a sprawling well kept lawn and courtyard. Witness the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful sights- and potentially get a glimpse of the Canadian prime minister.

  • CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

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      Famously decorating album covers and an iconic aspect of the Toronto skyline that adds a modernist, futuristic element to the bustling metropolis. A communications tower that boasts so much more, travel to the top for a mesmerizing view of the city or enjoy delicious restaurants and festivities in its proximity.

  • Banff National Park Of Canada, Canada

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      Banff National Park is easily one of the most spectacular, untouched wonders in North America. Famous for ethereal lakes, breathtaking mountains, and invigorating hiking trails- Banff National Park in Alberta is easily one of the most gorgeous areas in Canada.

  • Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, Canada

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      Niagara Falls straddles the historical border between Canada and the US, a symbol of unity between the countries and also one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. A monumental level group of famous waterfalls that are gorgeous online, but even more breathtaking in person.