Montreal Nightlife Guide

Madeleine Ray

Nightlife in Montreal is unmatched, the city is known for its vibrant after hours. Amongst the juxtaposed old and new city streets are countless *must visit* spots for anyone in town. With the help of my 100% Quebecer boyfriend born and raised in Montreal and my absolute love of music and interesting nightlife experiences; I’ve compiled a list of the most one-of-a-kind Montreal nightlife venues for social butterflies and more low-key people alike.

Bar Le Royal, Karina's Club Lounge, Bord'Elle Boutique Bar et Restaurant, Bar Le Mal Nécessaire, Le Rouge Bar, Cloakroom Bar, Bar Datcha, La Banquise, O.Noir, Velvet Speakeasy, Le Salon Daomé, Arcade MTL, Apt. 200

  • Bar Le Royal in Montreal, Canada

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    • madeleineray

      This bar is a local favorite and features phenomenal decoration and ambiance along with an extensive and specialized bistro menu with flavorful cocktail options.

  • Karina's Club Lounge in Montreal, Canada

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      This super trendy lounge oozes ambiance with stunning lighting and candlelit tables. This is considered to be a more relaxed bar, perfect to unwind after a long day. Enjoy tasty cocktails and great conversation with your friends in the heart of Montreal.

  • Bord'Elle Boutique Bar et Restaurant in Montreal, Canada

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      This intricately designed venue features a delicious and versatile menu, lively atmosphere, and even live performances. Enjoy flavorful food along with lovely drinks in this popular and energetic spot in Montreal.

  • Bar Le Mal Nécessaire in Montreal, Canada

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      Bar Le Mal Necessaire is a tiki-inspired bar, for some tropical & sunny vibes in a traditionally chilly city. Along with beautiful, fruity drinks, this venue also features colorful decoration, hidden in the streets of Montreal's Chinatown.

  • Le Rouge Bar in Montreal, Canada

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      Consistently voted as one of the most popular clubs in Montreal, Le Rouge Bar is the place to go for a truly bright and busy nightlife scene in the city.

  • Cloakroom Bar in Montreal, Canada

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      This ambient bar is a speakeasy hidden behind The Cloakroom which is a tailored men's destination and barbershop. Visit the Cloakroom Bar for delicious and niche cocktails and an elegant interior for a memorable night in Montreal.

  • Bar Datcha in Montreal, Canada

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      Bar Datcha is a Russian inspired bar and nightclub in Montreal which also features an outdoor terrace during the spring and summertime. This bar is lively and has a friendly crowd and great service along with international DJs for great music every night.

  • La Banquise in Montreal, Canada

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      What is the ultimate go-to night out comfort food in Quebec? Poutine! You can't go to Montreal, or Canada at that without trying this classic French-Canadian dish. Made traditionally of fries with gravy and cheese curds- the dish is versatile and part of the fun is trying different topping combinations. While Quebecers and poutine lovers alike often cannot agree on the best spot *everyone* agrees that La Banquise is one of the best places for tourists to hit to get authentic Quebec poutine. With a huge variety of topping options and open 24 hours- this is the place to go after the bars close. Even at 3 am there is a line-up but it’s worth the wait.

  • O.Noir in Montreal, Canada

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    • madeleineray

      Okay, so- this is an experience where you enjoy your dining surrounded by complete darkness. This may not seem like your cup of tea but hear me out; the concept of ONoir is that when you eat without sight, the senses of smell and taste are heightened, allowing you to enjoy dinner in an entirely new and intense way. The restaurant also creates awareness of what it is like to be completely blind, not everyone is able to grasp that reality naturally and experiences like this can help build empathy and understanding for one another on a human level. There is a "surprise" menu that you can choose an option of either meat, sea, vegetarian, or vegan to get an extra thrill. This is the first restaurant in North America of its kind.

  • Velvet Speakeasy in Montreal, Canada

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      Le Velvet is hidden underground on Rue Saint-Gabriel in Old Montreal. Le Velvet Speakeasy reflects ancient European architecture equipped with burning candles and a cobblestone tunnel to make you feel like you just stepped into the catacombs of Paris. The illusion evolves to become modern with house and electronic music pulsing throughout the intimate venue. For those interested in finding underground (literally and figuratively) nightlife, stop by this speakeasy to see a secret side of the Montreal club scene.

  • Le Salon Daomé in Montreal, Canada

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      Along with the impressive visual and sound quality, international DJs, and various theme nights; Le Salon Daome secures itself as one of the trendiest nightclubs in Montreal. At Le Salon Daome you can experience the best of electronic music, a thing that Montreal nightlife is known for.

  • Arcade MTL in Montreal, Canada

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      Enjoy the nostalgia of playing your favorite arcade games from a bygone time of uncomplicated gaming culture while enjoying drinks at the bar with your friends. Arcade MTL is a cute bar-arcade that provides access to retro video game consoles and arcade machines. This is the first bar with this concept in Montreal and is a favorite of the locals.

  • Apt. 200 in Montreal, Canada

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      This is my absolute favorite place to go in Montreal. Decked out in vintage furniture, arcade games, and even a pool table; this venue is designed to mimic an actual apartment. The interior is beautifully curated, the crowd is ultra-trendy, and the music includes old classics, house, and hip hop. Definitely make it a goal to hit this spot on your night out in the city.