Best Delivery Spots in Montreal For Your 14-Day Quarantine

Madeleine Ray

Anyone returning to Canada needs to follow all of the safety precautions- which means completing a mandatory 14-day quarantine. So if you flew into Montreal, you may not be able to visit Mont-Royal or the Old Port for a while, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the cities best treasure- yes, I am talking about food. Since beginning my quarantine period with my Quebecer boyfriend, we have been enjoying plenty of delicious delivery options that can be left *non-contact* outside of our door for us to retrieve when the coast is clear. For those entering Montreal, or Canada, or simply looking for some delivery inspo elsewhere in the world, check out our picks of the best delivery options for our 14-day quarantine.

SHANDMAS, Banh Mi Banh Yiu, Mr. Puffs, L'Avenue, Rôtisserie St-Hubert, La Diperie, La Banquise

  • SHANDMAS in Montreal, Canada

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    • madeleineray

      Because of the strong Haitian heritage in Montreal, there are countless delicious and authentic Creole restaurants around the city. Out of the options, Shandmas serves the best griot: a must-try dish consisting of perfectly seasoned fried pork cubes served hot with a plate of rice.

  • Banh Mi Banh Yiu in Montreal, Canada

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      A personal favorite, as Bahn Mi enthusiasts, Bahn Mi Bahn Yiu is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant that is top rated for delivery and deliciousness. Enjoy some fresh but filling sandwiches topped with coriander and mint ice tea on a warm afternoon at home in the city.

  • Mr. Puffs, Canada

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      Based on a traditional Greek dessert, Mr. Puffs has won the hearts and taste buds of Quebecers around the province. You are guaranteed a fresh batch baked for every order, and the vast selection of toppings will make you order more whenever you are feeling munchy during your quarantine.

  • L'Avenue in Montreal, Canada

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      Montreal is very serious about breakfast, and no spot encompasses this quite like the locally loved L'avenue. Order in Sunday morning and bring the party to your house with a nourishing meal including any breakfast items you can imagine, and some tasty coffee. L'Avenue is one of the top-rated breakfast spots in the city that also has a great delivery service, so don't worry about breakfast during your quarantine because L'Avenue has you covered

  • Rôtisserie St-Hubert in Montreal, Canada

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      Renowned for its chicken, its barbecue sauce, and reigning title as one of Quebec’s most beloved chain restaurants. This delivery-friendly joint is recommended to the out-of-towner that wants to see what the excitement is all about when it comes to Rotisserie St-Hubert. For Quebecers returning to Canada, nothing says home quite like St-Hubert.

  • La Diperie in Montreal, Canada

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      Satisfy your sweet tooth with a big serving of some of the tastiest Canadian ice cream in Montreal city that delivers straight to your door. With some fun options like the crunchy "Montrealer" sundae, or edible cookie dough dipped in a chocolate sauce- La Diperie is a great pairing with your favorite movie for some cozy times huddled up in your quarantine spot.

  • La Banquise in Montreal, Canada

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      Nothing says Montreal quite like a freshly cooked platter of poutine. La Banquise takes the cake for best poutine in Montreal- and they deliver. Settle down at your quarantine spot with a hearty bowl of gravy-soaked fries and squishy cheese while overlooking the picturesque streets of the city.