Legendary Donut Shops To Try in Montreal

Madeleine Ray

From classic chains to local joints bursting with creativity and sugary goodness- these staple donut spots throughout the city of Montreal are a must for any foodie. Enjoy neon colors, funky flavors, and just good old classic donuts- because Montreal has it all.

Krispy Kreme Café, Léché Desserts, TROU DE BEIGNE, DoughNats, Tim Hortons, La Beignerie

  • Krispy Kreme Café in Montreal, Canada

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      Hear me out- it's no secret that Krispy Kreme has taken the world by storm (and for good reason). As soon as Krispy Kreme opened up in Montreal, locals flocked to the store to enjoy the sticky, sweet goodness that is one of the *best* donuts on the planet. Montreal takes its food seriously, so you are guaranteed a tasty treat to satisfy any donut needs at this classic spot.

  • Léché Desserts in Montreal, Canada

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      A classic St. Henri destination, Leche Desserts offers decadent donuts in comforting flavors. Enjoy a delectable treat with a cup of delicious coffee tucked away in their gorgeous, antique St. Henri destination. With elegance and style seeping from the walls, and the neon-pink lighting, this trendy spot is a staple of the Montreal food scene.

  • TROU DE BEIGNE in Montreal, Canada

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      This modern bakeshop offers an array of fun flavors and creative treats to sample. Enjoy super fully donuts fresh from the oven, tasty coffee, and an elegant setting.

  • DoughNats in Montreal, Canada

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      This casual stop is uber trendy and even more delicious. Enjoy colorful donut bites, and fun flavors year-round with vegan and gluten-free options available.

  • Tim Hortons in Montreal, Canada

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      Ah yes, Timmies- no Canadian list could be complete without this classic spot. Timbits are essential for any donut lovers visiting the island of Montreal, with small donut holes that come in a variety of tried and tested flavors. Birthday cake, chocolate, vanilla, jelly, and more- it's no wonder Tim Hortons is one of the biggest symbols of Canada.

  • La Beignerie in Montreal, Canada

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      With a seasonal touch, fresh-baked goods, and an exciting array of creative flavors to try- it's no wonder La Beignerie has taken the Plateau by storm. Tucked away in St. Denis Street, this aesthetic stop is filled to the brim with goodies. I def recommend sampling their Phileas Fog donut, made with an earl grey aroma and a healthy dose of whipped cream.