The World's Best Destinations For Creatives

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Artsy travelers, this one is for you. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge individuals and innovative art events or massive museums to get lost in, these destinations are known for their overflowing creative energy. From the nightlife scene in Berlin bustling with artsy individuals to the breathtaking beauty of Brooklyn brownstone-lined pavements, these destinations encompass an aesthetic atmosphere that is guaranteed to inspire.

Barcelona, Brooklyn, Berlin, Melbourne, Portland, Tokyo, Montreal

  • Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain

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      The colorful ambiance of beautiful Barcelona has long drawn in the artistic souls to its historic streets. Tour lively roads, taste delicious coffee and explore some of the world's most incredible museums. Barcelona is a destination for artists from across the planet, travelers headed to this destination should be open to socializing- there are so many exciting networking events geared towards creatives that occur throughout the year. If you are an introverted traveler, fear not, Barcelona has plenty of old churches, picturesque views, and museums to daydream in.

  • Brooklyn in New York, United States

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      The powerful heartbeat of America's creative soul, Brooklyn is a creative treasure trove of individual thinkers working on the cutting edge line of art, design, and fashion. Whatever your artistic heart dreams of- Brooklyn has a flourishing community. From small, trendy galleries to famed museums, artsy travelers are stepping into a dreamlike getaway complete with brownstone buildings, public exhibits, and extensive thrifting opportunities.

  • Berlin in Berlin, Germany

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      Berlin is a cutting-edge artistic destination attracting creatives from every continent. Known for its iconic nightlife and art scene, Berlin sleeps, eats, and breathes creativity- the perfect backdrop for artistic seekers to find some incredible inspiration. From cool mornings sipping tasty coffee and fresh German pastries, to nights at artsy bars chatting away with the world's most innovative designers and artists- Berlin is the perfect destination to make big moves on the art scene.

  • Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

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      Melbourne is easily one of the most artistic cities in Australia, with plenty of fascinating museums and hip galleries to fill up any itinerary. Melbourne is the place to uncover Australia's thriving art scene- whether its music, videos, photography, and fine art. An excellent, sunny destination to push your creative limits and learn a new perspective.

  • Portland, United States

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      One of the funkiest places in the country, Portland has solidified itself as an artist's paradise. Known for eccentric aesthetics, unique concepts, and community-oriented atmosphere- artists flock to this picturesque destination to meet similar-minded folks and be endlessly inspired.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      In Tokyo, artists take their craft seriously- whether its video art, design, or traditional painting. Along with plentiful world-class galleries to explore, aesthetically pleasing streets at every corner, or stunning fake food sculptures packed into a glass case at the food court, artists are sure to take in the unique visual culture of the city.

  • Montreal in Montreal, Canada

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      Creativity flows through the streets of Montreal as abundant as fresh poutine or maple syrup. Montreal is known for its affordable cost compared to other North American cities and, in effect, has attracted some of the continent's (and world's) most creative individuals. With cutting-edge technology, art, design, and fashion all brimming throughout the picturesque old-European town, Montreal is a must-see for artists seeking to ease their hearts with endless creative energy.