Brussels’ Christmas market is the vast Winter Wonderland, which takes place at Grand-Place and Brussels’ city centre. For more than a month, the holiday market is bustling with visitors browsing the goods displayed in 200 chalets, skating on an ice rink, admiring a massive Christmas tree, and riding amusement rides like a ferris wheel and merry-go-rounds.

The land of chocolate, beer and waffles!!!

Crispy hot waffles served fresh on the street? Artisanal beer of any flavor you can imagine on tap? Rustic European charm and winding cobblestone pathways? Check to all three, Brussels is a sometimes overlooked paradise of mouthwatering cuisine (you have to try the fries), gorgeous architecture, and unique, international energy all its own. Explore vast forests in the city, sample *all* the street food, and step into your new metropolitan "home away from home" this summer.

Brussels is perfect for Libras who are seeking a cozy getaway to indulge their imagination. This culturally rich city has breathtaking museums and beautiful views. With plenty of unique vintage shopping, trendy spots, and friendly people, Brussels is sure to ease the constantly curious libra soul who is seeking adventure.

Belgium has such a rich history it would be a great place for a New Years adventure. Exploring museums and tasting chocolate by day, and ringing in the new year with parties and fireworks around the city!

Winter Wonders in Brussels is spread out across the place, boasting ice skating rinks, Christmas music, light shows, a massive Christmas tree, and a mile-long stretch of more than 200 stalls, serving toasty waffles, warming mulled wine and, of course, we can't forget Belgian beers and chocolates.

Brussels in Winter turns into a precious sparkling ornament filled with chocolates and waffles. Sounds like the perfect treat :)

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