Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe!

Reina Cartagena

For me, nothing screams more #winter than a beautiful nice decored Christmas market and some hot wine! Here I show you some of them. Of course, I have to be biased and say the Prague one is the most beautiful one! But let's check the rest! <3

Brussels, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, Salzburg, Budapest, Cologne, Dresden, Prague

  • Brussels in Brussels, Belgium

    Image of Brussels on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      Winter Wonders in Brussels is spread out across the place, boasting ice skating rinks, Christmas music, light shows, a massive Christmas tree, and a mile-long stretch of more than 200 stalls, serving toasty waffles, warming mulled wine and, of course, we can't forget Belgian beers and chocolates.

  • Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark

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    • reinacartagena

      The markets of Copenhagen are filled with festive joy as Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights add their patchwork of seasonal colour, alongside market stalls selling wooden toys, ceramics, decorations and chunky knitwear. Like any other European Christmas destination, you'll not be disappointed to fulfill your Christmas spirit.

  • Strasbourg, France

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    • reinacartagena

      France’s ‘Capital of Christmas’ looks like a real-life nativity scene at this time of year. You’ll find 300 traditional market stalls crowding the city’s central squares. That's a lot of them! I would love to see this one.

  • Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria

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    • reinacartagena

      The pretty hometown of Mozart and The Sound of Music comes into its own at Christmas and market stalls that look much as they did when they were first set up way back in the 15th century. This is definitely a winter wonderland.

  • Budapest in Budapest, Hungary

    Image of Budapest on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      The lovely plaza in the heart of the city turns into a festive market place from early November till 01. January. The location is ideal; the Square is in the heart of the city. Cottage-style wooden stalls and two outdoor stages take over one of Budapest’s most attractive spots during a couple of weeks preceding the end-of-the-year holidays. You can smell the scent of traditional honey cookies, mulled wine, cinnamon, and fir from afar. Budapest is just a must option!

  • Cologne in Cologne, Germany

    Image of Cologne on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      Cologne boasts several Christmas markets, the largest of which is in the city centre, beneath the appropriately stunning backdrop of Cologne’s iconic cathedral the one you can see in the picture. Markt der Engel offers some of the most magical moments, with hundreds of twinkling fairy lights suspended overhead like endless wondrous stars! Its just so beautiful.

  • Dresden, Germany

    Image of Dresden on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      I was lucky enough to have been in this Christmas market 2 years ago! It was as magical as people said! Dresden has the largest number of Christmas markets in the eastern part of the country! Can you believe it? They are really Christmas lovers! The biggest and the one I visited was named The Striezelmarkt which means Striezel' actually refers to a cake made at this time of year called a 'Stollen'! :D

  • Prague

    Image of Prague on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      Prague, My beautiful Prague! I have to admit Prague is one of my favorite cities around the world, and during Christmas time that love and appreciation just increase! Is just a postcard picture ready! The setting is magnificent: on one side, the 14th-century twin spires of Our Lady Before Týn; on the other, the city’s famous 15th-century astronomical clock. Between them swirls of beautiful lights and seasonal cheer. It’s the food that will keep you hanging around: warm, fatty sausages just off the grill; fresh pancakes; garlic and-cheese flatbread; all topped off by a glug of svarák, the local, citrusy take on mulled wine.