Magical Christmas Markets Around The World

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Fresh mulled wine, hot chocolate, fresh poutine and snow-capped stalls brimming with local ingredients and twinkling lights- Christmas markets bring travelers far and wide to adorable winter villages full of local charm and holiday spirit. Whether you are on the west coast of the USA or exploring historical European cities- these destinations are bringing you a big dose of winter magic, complete with enough food to fill you up, and timeless views.

Salzburg, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Tivoli Gardens, Munich, Stuttgart, Brussels

  • Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria

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      Explore the festivity, enjoy fresh hot cocoa, and experience a truly enchanting winter getaway. Local vendors flock to share their tasty food and hot beverages for both locals and tourists. Sprawling amongst the town's square with snow-topped hills in the distance and glowing lights decorating the historical town, it’s no wonder Salzburg is a top holiday destination.

  • Toronto in Toronto, Canada

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      Hundreds of local vendors from far and wide, a massive food court, and a famous Christmas tree- tucked away in a snowy, exciting city, it’s no wonder Toronto consistently ranks high for its famous Christmas market in the historic distillery district. Tour local art galleries, sample some sake ice cream, and some of the best maple syrup you can find.

  • New York, United States

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      Union Square, Bryant Park- just a couple of our favorites but a city like New York has no shortage of exciting and picturesque Christmas Markets to explore during the holidays. Grab an insta-worthy hot chocolate and skate the afternoon away, NYC is easily a top Christmas destination in the world.

  • San Francisco, United States

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      Local neighborhood pop-up events, gift fairs, and some of the most exciting markets in the country, the bay area makes up for its lack of snow come Christmas time with endless cheer and fun. In a massive, sparkling town like San Francisco, visitors are sure to enjoy delightful markets aplenty, complete with some of the best food you can find in the city.

  • Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

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      Warm-up with thousands of twinkling lights, festivity, and tasty food- Tivoli Gardens takes Christmas *seriously*. Massive amusement park-esque rides, incredible decor, and some indulgent treats to warm up with. Hundreds of local snow-capped vendors prepare year-long for this truly memorable event.

  • Munich, Germany

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      Munich is full of excitement and Christmas spirit, with quirky and timeless markets popping up throughout the gorgeous city all season long. We recommend sipping mulled wine while exploring the Christmas villages, tucked alongside historical architecture and stunning decor.

  • Stuttgart, Germany

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      One of the oldest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, Stuttgart lights up the town with massive productions, local vendors, and mesmerizing lights. Tucked away in a quaint German town, this market is easily a bucket-list destination for any Christmas-loving seekers.

  • Brussels in Brussels, Belgium

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      Tour the neon-lit streets of the historical Grand Place or Marche aux Poissons for multiple markets throughout the season, over 200 wooden stalls boasting Belgium's best- think beer, fries, and chocolate. Featuring light shows, parades, and gorgeous christmas trees decked out in an array of stunning decor- it’s no wonder Brussels is considered a central destination for christmas travel in Europe.