Summer Vacation Spots Without The Beach

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Summer vacation is often described with pristine sandy beaches, salty ocean water, and the *constant* smell of sunscreen, well, if that's not your cup of tea then we have the list for you. While we are fans of beach life, we also love to step away from the seaside crowds and experience something new, from buzzing metropolitan cities at the center of culture and modern life to vast sandy deserts dripping in gorgeous hues of neon orange- there are a number of exciting summer adventures waiting for you, beach not included.

London, Tucson, Berlin, Budapest, Montreal, Brussels, Napa Valley, New Orleans

  • London in London, England

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      With a cup of tea in hand and munching some crumbling scones slathered in clotted cream and jam beneath the cool British sun, experience the eclectic vibrance of London in the summertime. We know London is never a bad idea, and if you're looking to break the usual 'beach resort island' summer plans, try out this edgy, metropolitan, cultural center for your next big getaway. You will fall in love with London as it unfolds in all of its unique glory in the summertime, complete with big ben, double-decker buses, and those *iconic* telephone booths.

  • Tucson, United States

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      What a way to get away from the sea than to go the exact opposite direction and settle into some sandy, desert landscapes. Hey, we are big fans of the desert, and Tuscon takes the cake for one of the vibiest orangey-red desert landscapes to check out in the US. Yes, it's *hot* but there are plenty of obscure cacti, sprawling national parks, and dynamic canyons to explore in the vicinity to keep your summer adventurous and exciting at this gorgeous destination.

  • Berlin in Berlin, Germany

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      Nothing quite compares to Berlin coming alive during the summertime, the lighthearted summery vibe can be experienced throughout every district in the city. Enjoy breezy days soaked in the sunshine at one of the city's many fresh parks while feasting world-class gastronomy featuring freshly baked pretzels and german sausages. Not to mention, Berlin features one of the trendiest nightlife cultures in the world, and with plentiful outdoor parties, is a must for anyone looking to celebrate this summer.

  • Budapest in Budapest, Hungary

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      With drippy architecture in a variety of colors and designs, rich historical background, and plenty of unique activities to check out, it's safe to say Budapest is a destination with something for everyone. Dance the night away in the vibrant nightlife of the city, explore the treasured thermal baths, take in the dated feel of treasured castles, and make summer memories to last a lifetime.

  • Montreal in Montreal, Canada

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      Montreal is one of Canada’s most exciting cities, and don’t be afraid of any language barrier, as the city has been tailored to be a tourist-friendly destination. Montreal’s many neighborhoods each have something unique to offer, from the eclectic, youthful vibe of Le Plateau to the European essence radiating from the picturesque architecture of Old Montreal. Sit back this summer and take in the city's 'joie de vivre' at one of the plentiful outdoor terraces downtown, munch on authentic poutine, and laugh the delightfully warm night away.

  • Brussels in Brussels, Belgium

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      Crispy hot waffles served fresh on the street? Artisanal beer of any flavor you can imagine on tap? Rustic European charm and winding cobblestone pathways? Check to all three, Brussels is a sometimes overlooked paradise of mouthwatering cuisine (you have to try the fries), gorgeous architecture, and unique, international energy all its own. Explore vast forests in the city, sample *all* the street food, and step into your new metropolitan "home away from home" this summer.

  • Napa Valley, United States

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      Shift away from Cali's sandy beaches and option for rolling hills of vineyards and boutique wineries at this ritzy destination instead. A picturesque oasis of gourmet cuisine, world-class wine, and gorgeous natural landscape- Napa Valley makes for an elegant and refreshing summer getaway with a healthy serving of California sunshine.

  • New Orleans, United States

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      Munch on freshly baked beignets and enjoy this unique cultural experience, New Orleans is fully equipped with beautiful and lively streets, friendly people, and some of the most delicious food the US has to offer. With a rich history and cultural heritage seeping from every picturesque balcony, this sparkling destination has to be on your summer bucket list if it isn't already.