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Latina living in Prague! I enjoy great food, nice cocktails, some party, a pretty sunset, long walks in nature, sand in toes, and a nice glass of wine! These are not in any specific order! You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love as you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like its heaven on earth. <3

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  • Places to go for a date in Prague!

    Valentines is around the corner, Prague is a super romantic city! Here are my ideas for a fun, romantic date in Prague.
  • Most Beautiful Beaches in Koh Lanta!

    After spending a month and a half on this little island I can say I saw many beaches and so many beautiful sunsets! I had the time of my life here, waking up, going down the street, stepping onto the beach, and then getting a mango smoothie! What a life! If you’re looking for a Thai island with a chill vibe, wonderful beaches, and great Thai food, you won’t regret going to Koh Lanta.
  • Best Beaches in Greece

    Last year I visited Greece for the first time, it was so beautiful! I was in Korfu! From the views, the beaches to the people and the food! It was just amazing! So here is the list of the beaches I want to visit once I travel to Greece! again!
  • Most Romantic Destinations in the World!

    February is the month of love! Here is the list of the most romantic places according to me! I wish I could visit them with my love soon !
  • Things you must do and see in Prague!

    If you're a newbie in the city or just a tourist passing by this lovely city, these are the must things you need to do and see when you are here!
  • Best Places to visit in Central America

    I was in Honduras, a pretty small country in the middle of Central America! Central America is very rich beautiful and rich! Here are some places you would t want to miss if you are to that part of the world!
  • Best Latin Restaurants in Prague

    As a Latin myself I'm always on the look for food that tastes similar to home, and these are my top choices in Prague! #foodie #praguelife #latinfood
  • Best Bali Waterfalls !

    Bali is one of the unique places in Indonesia to visit. Every year, this stunning island attracts thousands of visitors. A major reason why Bali is so famous is that it allows individuals to connect with nature. Even though Bali is quite developed, it still has large amounts of untouched lush rainforest. And within these rainforests, you will find beautiful Bali waterfalls! One day I wish to visit these amazing waterfalls! <3
  • 1 Day in Madrid!

    Considered as one of the liveliest city's in Europe, Madrid is the capital city of Spain and has everything you could ever want to create a great vacation. Madrid is a dynamic city and is a perfect place to explore Spanish culture and history. Here is how I would spend 1 day in Madrid!
  • Best swimming spots in Prague!

    Summer is coming up, and if there's something that the Czech Republic is missing is beaches, but don't get sad, here are the places you can go for a swim and cool down when you're missing the beach! I have a mix of natural lakes and outdoors pools.
  • Top Places to visit in Marianske Lazne

    This little enchanted city was my first home when I moved from my country! Marianske Lazne is also known as a spa town. It's surrounded by green mountains, romantic colonnades, charming pavilions, pleasant cafes, and cozy hotels.
  • Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Prague!

    Did you know that there are almost 85,000 Vietnamese people living in the Czech Republic? As the third-largest ethnic group in the country, the Vietnamese have had a huge cultural impact on Prague. Especially on the food scene. So much so that people in Prague sometimes refer to Vietnamese food as “Prague’s Second Cuisine”. As a Vietnamese food lover here is my top! :)
  • Most Beautiful Castles in Czechia!

    Is there something more than the Czech Republic is known for apart from beer is the number of castles! This country is said to be home to over 200 beautiful castles! Here I show you my favorites ones!
  • Weekend getaways from Prague!

    Prague is beautiful, but if you feel for a little change here is my list for local weekend getaways from Prague! Enjoy.
  • Cool places in Holesovice

    Holesovice is my neighborhood, this is one of the most hipsters and up and coming neighborhood in Prague, I'll show you my favorites places to visit, eat and drink! Enjoy!
  • Top Brunch and Breakfast restaurants in Prague!

    I dont know about you guys but brunch out on Sundays is one of my favorites activities. Here are my top recommendations for brunch!
  • Places to go biking in Prague!

    Bike- Friendly destinations with scenic park routes.
  • Best Ski Resorts in Czechia

    As a skiing lover myself! here is my top list to go down the slopes and enjoy the mountains! Although I got to admit my favorite part is having some hot wine at the top of the mountain and watch the sunset!
  • My Fav Cafes in Prague!

    I might be weird for not liking coffee but I do enjoy really nice coffee shops! Here is my top! Even if you don't like coffee like ( weirdo) You can enjoy a delicious hot or cold drink here.
  • Best Rooftops Bars in Prague

    Here are my top places for rooftops bars in Prague, for all on the list is would recommend making a reservation beforehand to get the perfect placement. I love cocktails what a better way to enjoy one but with an amazing view. Enjoy!

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