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There is so much beauty and jaw-dropping architecture to take in around the Garden District! What used to be called the American Quarter is now referred to as the Garden District for its ample flora. Since there is so much history in the area, I’d recommend getting a guide who can tell you all about the ins and outs of the neighborhood. 
As a bonus, you might even get a glimpse of some of the celebrities that live around here like John Goodman. Lafayette Cemetery Number One is also in this area (currently under renovations), but your tour guide can tell you all about the interesting above-ground burial practices in Nola. Two Chicks Walking Tours has great tours of this neighborhood and are a fountain of information.

theblondeabroad 3 years ago

It can’t be ‘party all the time’ right?! If you want to escape the buzz of the French Quarter, the Garden District offers a different kind of charm. Here, you can embrace the appeal of New Orleans’ unpolished, yet majestic aura. Perhaps you’ll hop on the historic streetcar line to take in this scenic district, or maybe you’d prefer to take a leisurely stroll along St. Charles’ Avenue, which is lined with rugged mansions that peer through the draping shadows of large oak trees. In the Garden District, you will find the Lafayette Cemetery, where you may be able to join a tour and learn more about NOLA’s residents of the past. Don’t forget to stop by Commander’s Palace on Washington Avenue for some of the best twists on local food!

wonderwhereiwander 1 year ago

The Garden District is a sprawling neighborhood of New Orleans, known for well-kept historical homes, ancient cemeteries, and sprawling green gardens. Take a step off the busy streets and enjoy exploring a look into what old New Orleans felt like, full of lavish architecture intersecting French and British design elements, and filled to the brim with gorgeous plants and flowers. Whether you are touring an old cemetery, a historic home, or simply enjoying an afternoon walk off the beaten pathway, The Garden District makes for an excellent afternoon under the Louisiana sunshine.

seeker 1 year ago

Garden District Tour: Two Chicks Walking Tour - The Garden District is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the United States. My first home in New Orleans was on the cusp of this district bordering Central City, and most days I watched this tour company pass by. Two Chicks Best of New Orleans Walking Tour takes guests to all of the marvels of the Garden District, including pop culture filming locations and lavish celebrity homes.

kaylee 1 year ago

One of New Orleans’s most iconic neighborhoods, the Garden District is a sprawling oasis of decadent mansions and picturesque scenery. A perfect destination for a photo walk, this NoLa district is full of old museums, gorgeous decor, and elegant gardens to take some breathtaking photos in.

madeleineray 1 year ago

The Garden District is a beautiful area that I was I had spent more time in during my first visit. The houses are beautiful, there’s some well-rated restaurants, and of course it’s the starting point for many tours of Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.

jasmineagbhow 1 year ago

The Garden District has the most beautiful homes in NOLA, and one of the most famous old cemeteries in the city — Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Walk through the neighborhood to experience the opulent and ornate mansions!

theblondeabroad 3 years ago

We did a Garden District walking tour and we found this very informative and interesting. Nice area to walk around and look at architecture.

_kfunk 1 year ago

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