The Best Places in New Orleans For Photographers

Madeleine Ray

New Orleans has long been a dream destination for photographers, and as an aspiring photographer myself, I have found myself searching to uncover some of the most picturesque destinations- so, of course, I needed to share. Whether you are interested in photographing architecture, street photography, or gorgeous nature, New Orleans has some truly breathtaking locations that are camera-ready. So I recommend making space in your bag for your favorite cameras, let's take a look into New Orleans's best destinations for photographers.

Lafayette Square, Garden District, St. Louis Cathedral, Frenchmen Street, Audubon Park, Bourbon Street

  • Lafayette Square in New Orleans, United States

    Image of Lafayette Square on Seeker
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      Tucked away in the hectic business district, Lafayette Square is the second oldest park in New Orleans, a green destination that has overlooked the effervescent changes of the old city. Surrounded by historical landmarks and made up of gorgeous trees and beautiful plant and animal life, Lafayette Square is any photographer’s dream city destination to truly encapsulate the energy of NoLa.

  • Garden District in New Orleans, United States

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      One of New Orleans’s most iconic neighborhoods, the Garden District is a sprawling oasis of decadent mansions and picturesque scenery. A perfect destination for a photo walk, this NoLa district is full of old museums, gorgeous decor, and elegant gardens to take some breathtaking photos in.

  • St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, United States

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      One of the oldest cathedrals in the country, St Louis Cathedral embodies the architecture and elegance of times past, a forever memory overlooking New Orleans’s vibrant Jackson Square. Soaring and tall, grab your favorite camera to take some dynamic nostalgia photography of the unique architectural design.

  • Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, United States

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      Vibrant, buzzing, and oozing character- any street photographers traveling to NoLa won't want to miss this destination. Frenchmen Street is at the heart of New Orleans's culture, complete with historical architecture, sparkling lights, and busy streets embracing celebration.

  • Audubon Park in New Orleans, United States

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    • madeleineray

      Easily one of the best parks in the city, Audubon Park encompasses a sprawling enclave of picturesque nature away from the city. Nothing is quite as beautiful as a rare look into the life of plants and animals, and Audubon Park is sure to inspire some truly unique photographs of their hidden world.

  • Bourbon Street in New Orleans, United States

    Image of Bourbon Street on Seeker
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      A step into a time capsule of old French architecture combined with modern glistening lights in an array of colors, the dreamlike quality of Bourbon Street is mesmerizing. With so many reflections, colors, and lights, photographers are sure to snap some truly unforgettable photos at this historical destination. Soak in dim purples and red neon glow, Bourbon Street isn’t just incredibly fun, but incredibly beautiful.