9 Must-Do’s Down in New Orleans

Jasmine Caceres

These are my top must do recommendations during your trip down to NOLA.

Oak Alley Plantation, Voodoo Authentica Inc, Bourbon O Bar, Garden District, Riverwalk, Cajun Pride Swamp Tours, Louis Armstrong Park, The National WWII Museum, Jackson Square

  • Oak Alley Plantation, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      Oak Alley is stunning of course, and has that beautiful arch of trees you see in photos and in post cards. But why we chose Oak Alley Plantations as one of our options, was that the tours don’t gloss over the living conditions and stories of - and the fact that the entire property was run by folks who didn’t have their rightful freedoms.

  • Voodoo Authentica Inc in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      New Orleans isn’t short on voodoo shops, but I loved the authenticity of this and atmosphere of this one the best. Voodoo Authentica also works as a cultural center and hosts events, conventions, and spiritual consultations.

  • Bourbon O Bar in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      Bourbon O’Bar is my favorite jazz bar in New Orleans. The atmosphere of the dim lights, jazz music, and strong cocktails (I promise, you only need one Hurricane) was a total vibe.

  • Garden District in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      The Garden District is a beautiful area that I was I had spent more time in during my first visit. The houses are beautiful, there’s some well-rated restaurants, and of course it’s the starting point for many tours of Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.

  • Riverwalk in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      Yes, Riverwalk boasts some cool shops, restaurants, and breweries - but for me, it was a great spot to roam with an iced coffee in the morning. It’s also where you’ll get your instagram-worthy shot in front of the Natchez steamboat before you (pro-tip!) hop on the ferry for $2 for virtually identical scenic views.

  • Cajun Pride Swamp Tours, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      What I loved most about our tour with Cajun Swamp Tours, was how closely connected our guide was to the swamp and the families that run specific areas of it. He explained the sustainability limitations placed on alligator hunting in order to keep the population growing, the families that have been in the trade for generations, and even told some amazing local legends.

  • Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      I loved this park as it provided a more secluded and calm atmosphere in the middle of a city as bouncing as New Orleans. During your walk you’ll spot several statues standing tribute to Louis Armstrong and jazz music itself. But my favorite area of the park is definitely is Congo Square where - during the 18th century, those enslaved persons were typically allowed to visit on Sundays. They could socialize, set up shop to sell good, and of course play music, dance, and sing.

  • The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      For my fellow history-buffs, the National WWII Museum is so detailed and immersive - and it easily ranks in as one of my top favorite history museums.

  • Jackson Square in New Orleans, United States

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    • jasmineagbhow

      Jackson Square is the center of the French Quarter and is the home to famous landmarks such as the eye-catching St. Louis Cathedral. Being the center, it’s always lively and full of energy, and is a great place to begin your day.