Historic Landmarks To Discover In New Orleans

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Opulent mansions, towering cathedrals, and sprawling cemeteries- the historical relics of New Orlean's rich history define the unique patchwork of the city. Explore eras past, from massive gardens full of unique herbs to party neighborhoods, tucked away in old French architecture. Any history buff already has New Orleans on their bucket list- and we just want to make sure you hit all of the must-see spots in the city. Speckled with diverse culture, and downright unmatched architecture, explore history with our list of landmarks in the city.

Longue Vue House & Gardens, St. Louis Cathedral, Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square

  • Longue Vue House & Gardens in New Orleans, United States

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      Logue Vue House and Gardens is a historic house museum adjacent to sprawling green gardens that make the perfect setting for an afternoon stroll. Witness old New Orleans opulence, with a variety of 1930's decor, artwork, and well-kept gardens featuring an abundance of flowers, herbs, fruits, and more. This quaint, meticulously preserved old house represents an era past, a solidified reminder of NoLa's unique and lengthy history that beats on throughout the spirit of the city.

  • St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, United States

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      The oldest cathedral in the entire country, St. Louis Cathedral is an imposing gothic architecture that towers over the historic French Quarter district of Nola. Embracing architecture techniques of years past, St. Louis Cathedral has watched over the vibrant city since its creation in 1727. The importance of French culture in New Orleans is significant, and this breathtaking cathedral that, dedicated to King Louis the IX of France, acts as a symbol of the inception of NoLa and the history of the United States as a whole.

  • Garden District in New Orleans, United States

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      The Garden District is a sprawling neighborhood of New Orleans, known for well-kept historical homes, ancient cemeteries, and sprawling green gardens. Take a step off the busy streets and enjoy exploring a look into what old New Orleans felt like, full of lavish architecture intersecting French and British design elements, and filled to the brim with gorgeous plants and flowers. Whether you are touring an old cemetery, a historic home, or simply enjoying an afternoon walk off the beaten pathway, The Garden District makes for an excellent afternoon under the Louisiana sunshine.

  • Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, United States

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      It's no secret the spooky past of New Orleans, and we highly recommend visiting this macabre testimony of history and art. Lafayette Cemetary No. 1 is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, home to massive, elaborate tombstones, the eternal rest place of some of NoLa's most famous inhabitants. Some famed graves you can try to discover are the Lafayette and Jefferson Fireman, along with the Mayfair Witches.

  • Bourbon Street in New Orleans, United States

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      By day a gorgeous alleyway adorned in old French architecture, by night a wild party destination known for never sleeping- Bourbon Street is the center of nightlife and culture of New Orleans. Enjoy gorgeous boutiques, fancy bars, local dives, and neverending music- Bourbon Street is a central location for the evolution of NoLa Jazz and rhythm. Once you stop by this candy-colored metropolis that emphasizes both old and new, you are sure to see how it is the beating heart of this energetic town.

  • Jackson Square in New Orleans, United States

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      Lined with historic buildings in the heart of the French Quarter, Jackson Square has long been a center of culture, creativity, and community. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city, an authentic look into the gorgeous European architecture unique to NoLa, and plenty of tasty eats nearby. Jackson Square is a national landmark, a representation of the rare beauty that seeps from New Orleans, entire its own.