The region encompassing a country's capital, renowned for cultural heritage, including an iconic tower, museums, and as a global fashion hub.

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  • Paris: Best green spaces to hang out at

    sarahlempa (Sarah Lempa)
    Paris is pretty hectic and sprawling, but surprisingly, there are so many chill spots to read a book or have a picnic in the grass.
  • Best Picturesque Places In Paris

    travelwelldunn (Bryana Dunn)
    Who am I kidding every place in Paris is Picturesque! But here are some great places to get that perfect shot!
  • Romantic Date Ideas In Paris For Valentines Day

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Get ready to swoon for our curated selection of the most romantic activities around the city de l’amour. Whether it's enjoying the view of a glittering Eiffel Tower from one of the tallest restaurants in the city, or it’s touring a historical house turned art gallery in the Montmarte neighborhood, nothing says love like embracing the joie de vivre of Parisian life. Love blooms throughout the city year-round, along picturesque canals, Michelin star restaurants, and tucked away in cozy tearooms. Take a chance and whisk your love away for an unforgettable Valentine's day because we believe if you’re going to be in love- you might as well be in love in Paris.
  • Legendary Artist And Literary Hangouts In Paris

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    The backdrop of magic and wonder during the Lost Generation, Paris has long been the stomping grounds of artists and writers including Ernest Hemingway, Baudelaire, Picasso, Hugo, and more. Their footsteps along the winding streets beneath glimmering lights are easily retraceable, as some of the most iconic hubs for creation remain intact, steeped in history, and reflecting a mythical past. If you love art and old literature as much as us or are just looking to experience some authentically Parisian joints while touring the city, consider these quintessentially French destinations for your adventure. From old bookstores housing secrets of a literary past to open-air cafes that once hosted some of the most cutting edge discussions in modern history, tour Paris through a historical lens.
  • Parisian canvas (Melania Mendes)
  • Paris

    lizziebrown620 (Lizzie Brown)
  • Paris, France ✔️

    themarvelousmrsm (Josette Faye Mamsaang)
    Our first European trip back in 2014.
  • Paris: Best cafés and restaurants for atmosphere

    sarahlempa (Sarah Lempa)
    I'm a sucker for the occasional fancy restaurant (especially when it has a view of the Eiffel Tower...ehm) but this list incorporates a wide range of places—not just the fancy ones. They're each special to me in their own way!
  • Places in Paris From The Movie Amelie

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    A romantic look into the daily life of a young woman finding herself and love in a hectic city, Amelie is an authentic look into the quaint and dreamy daily scenery of Montmarte. As a major fan of this film, with the soundtrack stuck in my head on repeat, I wanted to make a little list of some of my favorite spots from Amelie's quirky life. From the retro cafe she worked at to the glistening streets surrounding Sacre Coeur, let's take a little scooter ride through Paris and fly down memory lane of one of the city's most famed movies.
  • Where to eat in Paris, France

    loulianavoelker (Louliana Voelker)
    Here are some of my favorite cafes, bakeries, and restaurants in Paris. The food at all these places is great and some have really nice ambiances and decorations that makes you want to sit there all day.
  • Best Queer Friendly Spots in Paris

    fenderqueer (Em Burfitt)
  • Fave Chic Boutique Hotels

    postcardsfromcate (Cate Misczuk)
  • The World's Most Beautiful Chocolatiers

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    If you're anything like us, the mere mention of chocolate sends your senses into a delightful frenzy. But imagine combining the indulgent pleasure of chocolate with a feast for the eyes in some of the most stunning settings imaginable. Around the globe, master chocolatiers are not only crafting some of the finest confections you can find but are presenting them in shops that are as beautiful as the treats are delicious. What we've got here is a curated list of the world's most beautiful chocolatiers, where the art of chocolate meets the art of design. These are places where you can savor exquisite flavors while surrounded by elegance and creativity that elevates the chocolate-buying experience to a whole new level. So, prepare to be whisked away on a decadent journey through high ceilings, intricate mosaics, and a dazzling display of chocolate that could easily be mistaken for works of art.
  • Places I would love to go!

    travelfuntimes (Travel Funtimes )
    I've always had a never-ending wanderlust, constantly daydreaming about places I would love to go. From breathtaking natural wonders to bustling cities filled with history and culture, there's no shortage of destinations that have captured my imagination. Whether it's exploring the iconic landmarks of Paris or getting lost amidst the vibrant streets of Tokyo, each place holds the promise of unforgettable experiences. So, join me on this virtual journey as I share my top picks of places that have climbed to the very top of my travel bucket list.
  • My 11-destination list for the holidays

    farhankhalid (Farhan Khalid)
    Heres where I would like to go when my kids let me
  • For Food

    blacey0925 (Beth Lacey)
  • The World's Best Destinations For Creatives

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Artsy travelers, this one is for you. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge individuals and innovative art events or massive museums to get lost in, these destinations are known for their overflowing creative energy. From the nightlife scene in Berlin bustling with artsy individuals to the breathtaking beauty of Brooklyn brownstone-lined pavements, these destinations encompass an aesthetic atmosphere that is guaranteed to inspire.
  • "I Have Seen This Place On Tv!" List

    stillontheroad (Giada Matera)
    A few of my favorite movies/tv show film locations.
  • European Adventure List

    tarahchieffi (Tarah Chieffi)
    My husband is planning our next big international trip. These are some of the spots we want to hit up!
  • Best Travel Destinations for Libras

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    Libras are always seeking balance in everything that they do. Being such indecisive individuals as they are, I decided to step in as a travel-obsessed libra who is always seeking the best spots for like-minded folks. So, if you're seeking aesthetics, art, culture, and a touch of chaos- here are my top libra-approved travel destinations to narrow down your options a little more.

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