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I was born in Paris, raised in New York, and am now finding my way back in Paris to study. I have travelled my entire life (even when I was so young that I don't remember those travels). I have had magical experiences all over and want to share those amazing places because they deserve to be known.

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  • Most Romantic Getaways in Europe

    Europe is a lovely country to visit, especially with one you love. These are perfect getaways for couples in general but especially during Valentine's Day. This way you get to explore the beauty of the continent while spending special quality time with your partner.
  • Best Brunch in Savannah,GA

    Savannah is a beautiful city with old oak trees that inhabit the many squares and parks of Savannah. Besides its beauty, the city has some great restaurants and places to have brunch!
  • Best Outdoor Dinning in Manhattan

    New York has now been faced with an outdoor dinning only obligation. During these cold winter months, this may be difficult for restaurants to attract clients. Although many restaurants such as Lafayette or Shoo Shoo Nolita have adapted to these circumstances and made very warm and covid friendly outdoor seating. Here are a couple restaurants with great food and warm outdoor dining that is covid safe.
  • Restaurants in Westchester County, NY

    Westchester is a suburb of New York City that is approximately 40 minutes by train from Grand Central. Despite the fact that it is more residential, it has many nice towns with great places to eat.
  • Best Restaurants in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

    If you can only go to one place in Puerto Rico, come to Old San Juan. I think it is one of my favorite places I have ever visited in my entire life. Old San Juan might be one of my favorite places I have visited. Every house is painted in a different vibrant color with accents of white that outline the building. It is an entirely walkable area with cute stone streets. The food is unexplainably amazing. One of my favorite meals was a plate of fish with rice and some mini guava and cheese empanadas on the size. There are also these breads I used to get at the bakery called "Cafeteria Mallorca" in the morning. It was always busy and loved by the locals. The whole area is surrounded by the ocean which makes it even more beautiful. I could go on forever about this amazing place but no description will ever do it justice. If you ever go to Puerto Rico and can only visit one place, come to Old San Juan. Here are some of the best restaurants to eat at in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. You won't be disappointed!
  • A Day in Rome

    My trip to Rome was amazing. I remember having so many things that I wanted to do and see. From the best food, to the most beautiful monuments, these are tips for the perfect day in Rome.
  • New York's Best Pizza

    As you may know, New York is known fro it's street style 99 cent pizza. The rumors are true, New York does have the best pizza. But only the locals know the best pizza joints. Take a look at this list for a New Yorker's favorite pizza places around.
  • The Perfect Week in Berlin, Germany

    Berlin is an amazing city, full of history and new things happening. It has amazing food, great historic sights, and many cultural experiences.
  • Stay in Tulum, Mexico

    Tulum is an amazing city in Mexico that is right on the Atlantic side and has many great places to eat and explore.
  • Switzerland's Winter Wonderland Buket List

    I have always wanted to go to the Swiss Alps during the winter season. Here are a few things I will not miss to do if I ever get there.
  • The secrets of Larchmont, New York

    Larchmont is my home town. I have lived there 12 years and have know all the best places to go and eat at. It is a very cute town that is mostly residential but has many things to do.
  • Where to eat in Paris, France

    Here are some of my favorite cafes, bakeries, and restaurants in Paris. The food at all these places is great and some have really nice ambiances and decorations that makes you want to sit there all day.
  • Travel Bucket List

    This list features some of the places I want to visit in my lifetime. Some for the culture, some for the food, some for the architecture, and some for the beaches.

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