Legendary Artist And Literary Hangouts In Paris

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The backdrop of magic and wonder during the Lost Generation, Paris has long been the stomping grounds of artists and writers including Ernest Hemingway, Baudelaire, Picasso, Hugo, and more. Their footsteps along the winding streets beneath glimmering lights are easily retraceable, as some of the most iconic hubs for creation remain intact, steeped in history, and reflecting a mythical past. If you love art and old literature as much as us or are just looking to experience some authentically Parisian joints while touring the city, consider these quintessentially French destinations for your adventure. From old bookstores housing secrets of a literary past to open-air cafes that once hosted some of the most cutting edge discussions in modern history, tour Paris through a historical lens.

Le Marais, Luxembourg Gardens, Les Deux Magots, La Closerie Des Lilas, Le Procope, Lapérouse, Café de Flore, Shakespeare and Company

  • Le Marais in Paris, France

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      Le Marais is a fashionable district that is brimming with cozy cafes, bookstores, fashion boutiques, and an artsy flair that has been swirling through the neighborhood for decades. A neighborhood famed for its historical past, artists and literary masters of the Lost Generation called this glistening neighborhood home. Rent was cheap, and so the cutting edge art scene flourished, attracting an eclectic crowd that now adorn book stores and art museums across the planet.

  • Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France

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      Famed for being a frequented spot by Hemingway and his family, The Luxembourg Gardens are an authentic Parisian delight, vast sprawls of picturesque nature, and a breath of fresh air away from the bustling city. Remaining true to its roots since the 1920s, visitors can easily imagine Hemingway himself touring the picturesque gardens, as though history comes alive in real-time, a ticket to ages past.

  • Les Deux Magots in Paris, France

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      An iconic Parisian brasserie, Les Deux Magots offers a distinctive atmosphere that has remained intact since the years of the Lost Generation of artists and writers in the mid-1900s. An authentic French vibe that encompasses the dreamy history of the city, Les Deux Magots has long been the backdrop for magic, collecting intellectual and artistic elite as customers for decades.

  • La Closerie Des Lilas in Paris, France

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      Easily one of the most famed hubs for artists from across the world, La Closerie is a simple open-air cafe that has attracted Pablo Picasso, Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, and Baudelaire to name just a few. Remaining true to its humble roots, and continuing the tradition of inspiring visitors with a rich history in art and literary prowess, La Closerie boasts glimmering lights, delicious cuisine, and a quintessentially Parisian atmosphere.

  • Le Procope in Paris, France

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      Le Procope is colored like gemstones, with rich purple reds and royal blue decoration, a classic Parisian cafe that embraces a sense of flair. Le Procope is actually the oldest cafe in Paris, and has a historical past hosting the likes of Rousseau, Verlaine, Le Procope has long been viewed as a hub for art, interior design, and naturally- cuisine. With a meticulous interior, steeped in history, and an iconic presence in the city, this mythical location tops bucket lists worldwide.

  • Lapérouse in Paris, France

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      Laperouse has been providing high-quality cuisine in an elaborately decorated lounge setting since 1766, one of the first three-star Michelin restaurants to line Paris streets. With literary masters including Baudelaire, Marcel Proust, Hugo Hemingway, and George Sand frequenting the gaudy rococo-esque interior, this is a must for gastronomy, interior design, and history fans visiting the city. Known as a scandalous spot that balanced a past combining romance and fine french cooking, Laperouse remains shrouded in the remnants of the Lost Generation’s escapades.

  • Café de Flore in Paris, France

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      A haunt for modern celebrities and the Lost Generation of the 1920s, Cafe De Flore is a quaint corner cafe that has served Paris for decades. One of the oldest in the city, Cafe De Flore encompasses a quintessentially Parisian vibe that modern cafes are eager to imitate. While exploring the city of lights, be sure to stop by this legendary destination for a cafe au lait and some tasty French dishes, and feel the air of magic that once engulfed famous authors and artists of the past.

  • Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France

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      A legendary stomping ground for the likes of Hemingway, Stein, Pound, and Joyce, 1919 born cozy Shakespeare and Company bookstore is an essential fabric of the artistic history of Paris. The bookstore houses antique halls decorated in an array of English language books that will inspire any literary nerd or avid reader that is seeking to uncover secrets during their Parisian getaway. A sense of history is present in the air, and there is plenty to see.