Places in Paris From The Movie Amelie

Madeleine Ray

A romantic look into the daily life of a young woman finding herself and love in a hectic city, Amelie is an authentic look into the quaint and dreamy daily scenery of Montmarte. As a major fan of this film, with the soundtrack stuck in my head on repeat, I wanted to make a little list of some of my favorite spots from Amelie's quirky life. From the retro cafe she worked at to the glistening streets surrounding Sacre Coeur, let's take a little scooter ride through Paris and fly down memory lane of one of the city's most famed movies.

Maison Collignon, Montmartre, Sacré-Cœur, Gare de l'Est, Canal Saint-Martin, Café des Deux Moulins

  • Maison Collignon, France

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    • madeleineray

      Home to the infamous grocer and beneath Amelie's apartment in the movie, Maison Collignon is a local fresh greengrocer that serves up fresh produce to the friendly people of Montmarte daily. While this destination bred some comedy relief, in real life Maison Collignon excels as a staple in the neighborhood, providing plenty of excellent cooking ingredients, and reliable service.

  • Montmartre in Paris, France

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      Montmarte is Amelie's stomping ground, a whimsical neighborhood in the city that has been home to many an artist, and many a lonely girl in a big city. Montmarte is home to many of the destinations on this list, and is the perfect place to spend a day or two explorings, from quaint canals to retro coffee shops- I guarantee you will have the soundtrack stuck in your head while touring this adorable area.

  • Sacré-Cœur in Paris, France

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      One of the most iconic places in the movie, and one of the most famous landmarks to see in Paris- Trekking up to the Sacre Coeur is a "kill two birds with one stone" situation. Witness the stunning historical setting, encircling local performers, cafes, cobbled pathways, and replay in your head the beautiful scene from the movie- but I won't spoil it for any newbies checking out this list.

  • Gare de l'Est in Paris, France

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      *Hint* Try out the photo booth, just like Amelie for a chance to meet your one true love- or solidify a memory in Paris. This old train station makes a significant appearance in the movie, as the destination that helps spur Amelie's destined romance. The liminal space of train stations, people coming and going, missed connections, is an amplified theme in the Amelie universe, and the beautiful architecture of the building doesn't hurt either.

  • Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, France

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      Known famously as Amelie's preferred spot for skipping stones, Canal Saint Martin is a dreamy Parisian canal lined with leafy trees. You can find the exact bridge Amelie stood atop, and look down at the wavering colorful reflections of life in Paris while taking in your gorgeous surroundings.

  • Café des Deux Moulins in Paris, France

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      Easily one of the most recognizable settings in the film, Cafe de Deux Moulins is a quintessentially Parisian Cafe where Amelie worked in the movie. With classic French cuisine available, coffee and tea options, and a retro atmosphere that transports visitors into the high-contrasted, dewy realm of the Amelie universe, this cafe is a must for any fans of the movie.