Romantic Travel Destinations In Europe

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Planning a romantic escape? Don't worry lovebirds, we have the list for you. Europe is always a good idea for romance, with ancient pathways intersecting top-of-the-line restaurants and picture-perfect scenery. These destinations throughout Europe are known for beauty and adventure, whether you want to eat your way through the candlelit eateries of Prague or steal a smooch overlooking the sprawling city of Barcelona.

Paris, Barcelona, Metropolitan City of Venice, Bruges, Prague, Mont Saint-Michel

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      It’s no mystery that Paris is considered the most romantic destination in the world, an idyllic slice of cobblestone roads, candlelit cafes, and breathtaking scenery. A getaway to Paris with your honey is guaranteed to be sweet, whether that means touring iconic museums or spending your days uncovering hidden gems. Paris is known as the ‘City of Love’ for a reason.

  • Barcelona, Spain

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      Barcelona has the perfect recipe for a balmy romantic scape adorned in color and light. Explore breathtaking architecture, diverse nature, delectable cuisine, and historical sites- an endless carousel of stunning views and sunkissed scenery that is perfect for exploration with your sweetie.

  • Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

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      A gondola ride for two, please! Venice is a honey-colored, baroque city that is famed for floating canals and dreamy views. Spend the day with your sweetheart sipping coffee and sampling fresh gelato whilst touring market squares and cobbled stone pathways.

  • Bruges in Bruges, Belgium

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      This medieval-style city is a gorgeous destination, famed for being one of the most beautiful cities to explore in Europe. Meandering canals, old clocktowers, and sprawling parks, Bruges' landscape is abundant with romantic backdrops. Whether you are seeking to take in the picture-perfect surroundings hand in hand, or get lost in the history of this iconic destination, Bruges has everything needed for a dreamlike getaway full of excitement and beauty (and Belgian fries!)

  • Prague

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      Prague is abundant with gorgeous architecture, breathtaking views, cobbled streets, art galleries, and charming eateries. Embrace the fantastic eating culture, and tour the sparkling landscape, considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Prague is romantic in its honest beauty, which is subtle yet captivating, and its well-organized city framework that makes for dreamlike strolls with your lover- complete with plenty of cozy nooks to explore. From trendy cafes to old-timey eateries, there are so many date-worthy spots in this magic destination.

  • Mont Saint-Michel, France

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      Featuring an 11th century Romanesque Abbey Church atop the mountain, complete with cloisters and monastery buildings, this culturally significant destination is perfect for history junkies and romantics alike. Post-card-worthy scenery encompassing you and your lover on this getaway, Mt. Saint Michel is the perfect escape to explore breathtaking nature with a touch of French cuisine and artistry.