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23 Theme Park Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Whether you’re actively planning a theme park vacation or you just want to experience them vicariously through others, there are hundreds of theme park content creators who have just what you’re looking for. We found 23 bloggers, vloggers, and Disney style icons that will provide you with everything from travel tips and outfit ideas to […]

7 Travelers Share Their Wildest International Love Stories

Flirty foreign flings, intense vacationships, and delicious eye contact with attractive strangers at 30,000 feet: folks, we can’t make this sh*t up. There’s really nothing like falling for someone — whether for 6 hours or a lifetime — when you’re already jittery with excitement over being somewhere completely new. It’s pretty much the icing on […]

21 Travel Gifts for Socially Responsible Gift Giving in 2023

We made it; 2022 is in the rearview mirror. After a truly chaotic, hectic, Grinch-filled year, we put together a list of companies and products that kept us feeling hopeful. We present to you: the socially responsible travel gift guide, highlighting women-owned, BIPOC-owned, LGBTQ-owned, eco-friendly, and purpose-driven brands that are making our 2023 worries melt […]

Nomadic Matt: 21 Questions with the TravelCon Founder and NYTimes Best Seller

Matt Kepnes, AKA, Nomadic Matt. If you aren’t familiar with him already — get on our level. Matt is a serial nomad, OG travel blogger, NYT best-selling author, and founder of TravelCon: a conference designed help up-and-comers learn how to develop profitable and sustainable careers in the travel industry. I recently had the opportunity to […]

11 Types of People You’ll Date While Traveling

Listen, Benjamin the Beefcake Bachelor: I’ve met you eighteen times in eleven different countries, and I’m simply not going to fall for your flirtatious fanfare anymore. Travelers, you know who I’m talking about. Whether you’re dealing with beefcake bachelors or wayward wanderers, it’s safe to say dating abroad adds a highly unique element to an […]

How Are Travel Influencers Adapting To Life in Quarantine? We Chatted With Marie Fe & Jake Snow To Find Out

Coronavirus-induced trip cancellations are a royal pain for anyone —but when the act of traveling is your livelihood, stay-at-home restrictions are more than your average waiting game. Like everyone else, travel influencers are finding themselves at a shocking standstill as borders shut and quarantine measures squash vagabond pursuits worldwide. So, what’s a travel influencer to […]

Coronavirus & Self-Isolation: The Seeker Team’s Top Lockdown Tips

This time of year, the team at Seeker is usually movin’ and groovin’: jet-setting, crossing new spots off our bucket lists, attending conferences, and planning blow-out events. But when the Coronavirus brought our big 2020 dreams to a screeching halt, we were forced to plant our feet on the ground, refocus, and slow the heck down. […]

These Are the Best Travel Books, According to 9 Travel Experts

As the world stays still with many borders still closed, most of us are still only dreaming about travel. We’re all doing our part to keep those around us safe—wearing masks and social distancing— but we also want to be riding tuk-tuks down dusty tracks, meeting new friends, and drinking sundowners on paradise beaches. While […]

Travelers Stuck at Home Because of the Coronavirus: Read This

Three months ago, I was surfing every sunrise on the glassy waves of Hiriketiya Bay, southern Sri Lanka. Four months past, my evenings were spent navigating the soy-scented night markets of Bangkok. Go back a year and I was exploring Mexico, devouring huevos rancheros with refried beans on cobbled plazas in Morelia and Guanajuato. Last […]

Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Manage Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Anyone else feel like they’re living in some dystopian sci-fi movie lately? Perhaps you’ve felt your stress level rising incrementally or you’re already in full-on disaster prevention mode, surrounding yourself with an arsenal of cleaning products and canned beans. Either end of the spectrum—you’re definitely not alone. If I see one more grocery store sold […]

Should the Coronavirus Change Your Travel Plans? 150 Digital Nomads Weigh In

When your entire existence revolves around travel, an infectious virus spreading at a rapid rate across the globe is bound to jumble up your plans. Despite years of experience under their belts and an astute know-how of navigation, responses from digital nomads and full-time travelers vary from seemingly unbothered to plan-altering levels of concern when […]

15 Black Travel Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

From searching for killer street art to curating bomb travel budget tips, dishing out advice on the best Black festivals to leading unique ancestry trips, these top Black travel bloggers have dominated the industry and are now sharing the low down on how to live your best life on the road. Here are 15 of our favorites: […]