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15 Black Travel Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Briona Lamback

Laurel, MD, USA

From searching for killer street art to curating bomb travel budget tips, dishing out advice on the best Black festivals to leading unique ancestry trips, these top Black travel bloggers have dominated the industry and are now sharing the low down on how to live your best life on the road. Here are 15 of our favorites:

1. @_thegirlwithcurls


If street art, sneakers, and fashion are your thing, you’re going to want to follow Heather, stat. The Atlanta-based ‘grammer sees and shares the world through an art-focused lens. Sometimes it’s festivals in Paris (she’s a former Parisian ex-pat) or exploring art installations in Ghana—no matter the location, she captures it all colorfully. 

2. @heyciara


If 2020 travel trends inspired you to finally take the solo travel leap, you should start saving Ciara’s Instagram posts ASAP. This solo female traveler has visited dozens of countries and cities, from Jordan to Kansas City. Recently, she won an Airbnb Experience round-the-world-trip where she visited 18 countries in 80 days. Ciara’s feed goes beyond pretty pictures and she frequently shares solo travel tips, like how to get bomb photos while exploring on your own.

3. @Nasir Fleming

@Nasir Fleming

Nasir is a relatable and creative travel writer who shares inspiring content that many Black travel bloggers can relate to. As a recent college graduate, Nasir shared that he almost rushed into going to grad school before realizing that he should be spending his time working odd jobs, saving, and traveling. When he’s not managing content for Shut Up and Go, a travel media company started by YouTubers Damon and Jo, he’s gallivanting the globe and making us laugh in the process.

4. @Move with Doyin

@Move with Doyin

In Doyin’s slice of the internet, travel and entrepreneurship mesh in an always-inspiring way. She’s the co-founder of Wind Collective, one of our go-to Black travel groups. In between posts about what country she’s exploring next, she shares bits of her entrepreneurial journey and finance tips, like what apps to use for stock market trading. 

5. @The Awkard Traveller 

@The Awkard Traveller 

Kay shares her awkward travel tips in a lighthearted way. The best place to start is on her IG stories or highlights where she often documents her travels in detail with tips and jokes along the way. Beyond travel, she’s a professional writer and author, which makes reading her blogs a breeze; they’re usually in-depth and helpful to dive into before planning a trip. If you like hiking in the Pacific Northwest and are as quirky as your things, you’ll love Kay’s awkward travel antics. 

6. @Globalist Youth


For a bit of spiritual inspiration mixed with travel, Trai is a go-to source in the Black travel blogger community. His daily posts and IGTV videos always ask questions that force a bit of introspection in his followers while still sparking inspiration. Trai is a London-based flight attendant with a deep love for traveling the African continent and a knack for empowering other people. If you need some spiritual rejuvenation before your next trip, he’s a go-to source.  

7. @Beyond Bmore

@Beyond Bmore

Brian is a flight deal expert in the Black travel blogger community. He’s known for dropping gems about how to optimize travel credit cards to redeem rewards and perks like flying first class on Emirates. When he’s not sharing travel tips, he’s using travel as a tool to empower and mentor minority male students in Baltimore through his nonprofit, Be More See More. 

8. @Chubby Diaries

@Chubby Diaries

Jeff is an award-winning content creator and Black travel blogger with bylines in top travel publications. As an advocate for plus-size travel, Jeff consistently works to shift the narrative around chubby travel. He curates trips to destinations like Bali and always reminds folks that all sizes are welcome since redefining travel as inclusive for all body types is his mission. 

9. @packslight


Gabby is the queen of finding opportunities (think gigs and scholarships) that center around travel. During her college years, she won $40,000 in study abroad scholarships that led to spending a year abroad in Dubai. Since last year, Gabby has been curating a weekly list of travel opportunities alongside sharing her best tips for creating winning applications. These opportunities range from round-the-world trip applications to cooking in Italy with Airbnb (one of her followers won this!). If you’re looking for a Black travel blogger who will help you experience travel in a new way, Gabby is a must-follow. 

10. @Paige Mariah 

@Paige Mariah 

Paige is a lifestyle YouTuber who lives and studies abroad in London. She often tells her inspiring story of how she decided to uproot from her life in Chicago where she worked in an unfulfilling role to move to London. Since traveling throughout Europe is relatively accessible, Paige shares her Euro-hopping adventures and London-based content online. Her journey feels familiar and is always relatable. 

11. @Ajala_Travels 


Hannah of Ajala Travels is a journalist who’s currently living and working from various West African countries. The freelance BBC journalist is on a mission to challenge the stereotypes associated with the African continent. From Ghana to Sierra Leone, Hannah shares packing tips for long term travel, stories about the people she meets, and safety tips for solo female travelers who might be taking the leap soon. 

12. @HolidayHelperr


From Europe to West Africa, Kojo’s content is always helpful during trip planning. With posts like “How To Get 26 Days Off Work in 2020,” he shares inspiring tips that make travel more accessible for 9-5’ers. Headed to Ghana? Holiday Helper has roots on the ground and specializes in and around Accra. 

13. @TravelWithMeko


If you’re a traveling family, Jessica is a must-follow Black travel blogger. The NYC-based esthetician is no stranger to traveling with children. She often takes to her Instagram stories to share products that make traveling with infants or toddlers a lot easier. Jessica also shares hotel reviews and solo travel tips for those traveling without the little ones. 

14. @thesojournies

black travel blogger

Sojourner is an international social work professional and foodie who’s lived abroad in European countries like Spain and Germany. For students who are looking to get a degree abroad, Sojo should be your go-to. She’s an expert in the education abroad scholarship process and a former Fulbright scholar. When she isn’t sharing scholarship opportunities, her foodie adventures will keep you tuned in.

15. @Jo_franco


Jo is an OG Black travel blogger and is likely one of the #Blackgirlmagic inspirations to some of the travelers on this list. She started on YouTube with a channel called DamonAndJo, sharing travel stories and tips and language content (she fluently speaks 5 languages). On her Instagram, you’ll find always-inspiring travel stories straight from her journal.