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Traveler, writer, multiple hat-wearer. // Hi friends! I'm Sarah. When I'm not traveling, you can probably find me cooking something inventive, fiddling with a random photography idea, researching my next destination, or riding a motorcycle.

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  • Places I've been

  • Gabby is going to Iceland!

    Here’s some places for you my lady ;) 💖
  • The places that made me fall in love with Paris

    Paris is easily one of my favorite cities in the entire world and I'm finally getting to visit again!! I've always been in love with this place. True story.
  • When in Madrid

    It's my first time visiting Madrid, and gotta say, I'm hella impressed and it's only been 2 days (with jet lag). While Barcelona is undeniably awesome, Madrid is far less touristy and has a way more chill vibe to it. Tryna see these places before I go:
  • Dreamy little beach towns in Portugal

    I'm not a surfer (yet), but I'd call these little towns home for a bit.
  • I hear Spain is nice this time of the year

    Cities, towns, & landmarks I could call home for a bit...
  • If I had $1 for every beautiful rice terrace in Bali...

    ... I'd probably spend it all on mie goreng.
  • Best bites in Minneapolis

    I'm pretty convinced Minneapolis is one of the country's most underrated food cities. Pop over to these spots for a little bit of everything! #SeekerChallenge
  • Around the world in ??? days

    I'm in the midst of (very slowly) flying a giant circle around the world. This is where I've been, and where I hope to go before ending back up where I started. WORK IN PROGRESS
  • The most Sarah Lempa places in the world

  • Where to find the best tattoo artists around the world (sorry mom)

    I've gotten ink in the USA, Australia, and Indonesia — and I'm always saving the names of incredible artists around the world. These Places have top-notch tattoo scenes!
  • This is the oh-so official list of every country I've ever been to

  • Komodo National Park, AKA Indonesia's version of Jurassic Park

    This place is, by far, one of the more incredible landscapes I've ever seen. Be prepared to hop on a boat (or seven) while you're there to check out all the little remote corners of the park — there are TONS.
  • I can eat my weight in tacos at these restaurants in Minneapolis

    Nobody expects Minneapolis to have good Mexican food. Hell, it's basically Canada, right? But they're wrong — this city has some incredible (and authentic) Mexican restaurants and I miss every single one of them while I'm overseas. #SeekerChallenge
  • The best places to ride a motorcycle and feel like a total badass

    After I rode a dinky scooter across Vietnam, it pretty much solidified my love for exploring on two wheels. After I upgraded to a real motorcycle, I've had plenty of high-speed adventures around the globe (and I'm always scoutin' new locations). These are some of my tried and true fav spots, but also a few places I really wanna ride.
  • Places that'll have you muttering "holy sh*t" under your breath

    Because, ya know, Earth Day is this week. ;) #SeekerChallenge
  • If these cafés in Minneapolis were people, I'd be friends with them

    I have such an affinity for Minneapolis' café scene, probably cuz I spent a crazy amount of time working / studying from them in my college days. I absolutely loved hanging out at these spots in all 4 seasons and I can't wait to visit again!
  • Pretend you're in Vietnam... in Minneapolis

    There's actually a massive selection of incredible Vietnamese food across the Twin Cities — and I can't say the pho is *exactly* the same as the real deal, but it's still pretty damn delicious. Try these spots.
  • Forget about your phone at these eco-retreats in Bali

    Jungle hideaways and mountainside glamping are, in my humble opinion, some of the best ways to unplug. I need to visit more of these! I'm perpetually online for work and keeping in touch with folks 'round the globe, and though I love it, it can be a bit much.
  • The absolute best summer hangs in the USA from coast to coast

    Since I grew up in the icy tundra of the midwest, summer has always been a really important season that I feel the need to make the most of. I'm talkin' lobster dinners on the east coast and road trips around the PNW -levels of "make the most of it". Hoping to hit a few of these next time I go back!
  • The best cities for singles who are ready to mingle

    Feelin' flirty yet? Not only are these cities home to bustling social scenes, they're also filled with sexy people. Cheers to that.
  • Places to get fancy on my birthday in Bali 🎂

    My birthday is on March 27th, and I have high hopes that it’ll be much better than last year’s quarantine celebration. There are so many restaurants in Bali that I want to try so let’s just start here and see where we end up...
  • Massive skyscrapers that are both awesome and kinda intimidating

    From my hometown faves to futuristic looking cities I haven't visited yet, these structures kinda intimidate me, but I really find 'em fascinating.
  • If you're gonna get boozy, do it at one of these places

    It's not always St. Patrick's Day, but it's always 5 o'clock somewhere... 🍺
  • You'll be surprised that these Mexican restaurants in Bali are actually quite delicious

    Mexican food is one of my absolute, all-time favorites. Give me a bucket of guac and some chips and I'll stay happily quiet for a while. This has been a struggle living on the other side of the world, but these restaurants here in Bali actually have some quality eats (although, of course, not always authentic) . It's burrito time, fam.
  • Romantic places that I will definitely drag my (eventual) husband to

    I'm not trying to get married anytime soon, but you can sure as hell bet that when I do I'm gonna take my lover to these romantic places. That said, I've already visited some hella romantic places as a single woman and have had a blast... So consider it a now AND later bucket list. ;)
  • Places across the USA that are near and dear to my heart

    I haven't been back to the US in over a year, and while I've been loving my time away, I get a pang of nostalgia here and there. I'm hoping to come back for a visit when the weather is nice — and I know I have to go to at least a few of these all time favorite places.
  • If you go to Australia without visiting these places, I'll be disappointed in you

    I lived for Australia for 6ish months (although it feels like a lot more) — flying in and out of the country and calling both Cairns and Melbourne home. I can't say I wrestled any crocodiles, but I DID find some freakin' incredible places that will be dear to my heart forever. Pleaseeee save these you won't regret it
  • I'd go here on my honeymoon

    I have no idea who I'll be getting married to but I sure as hell can imagine where I'll be traveling to afterwards.
  • And then I said, I guess I'll go to Egypt!

    I feel like every kid dreams of seeing the pyramids. At 24 years old, I am still that kid... who now has friends to visit in Egypt.
  • Paris during the winter is a bonafide winter wonderland

    Okay, I certainly have nothing bad to say about Paris in the summer, but I had the chance to spend Christmas in Paris with my family back when I was a teenager and it was unbelievably dreamy. Between the illuminated Champs-Elysees and cozy little restaurants, this city is incredible under a blanket of snow. #SeekerChallenge
  • Dream places to visit before I kick the bucket

    Northern Lights! Cape Town vineyards! Sunrise safaris in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Tanzania! This list is constantly evolving, growing, and going crazy up in my brain all the time — seeing as I'm always discovering new places that seize my attention (and travel budget). These are a handful of places I haven't made it to yet but they're seriously on my radar for the future... Let's gooo! #seekerchallenge
  • How to experience Minneapolis like a local

    There's so much to love about Minneapolis — and even though I technically don't live there anymore — I definitely have plans to return for a visit. Hell, my storage unit is going to need me at some point... Anyway! Between a ton of lakes, cozy cocktail bars, and trendy eateries, there are so many off-radar places in Minneapolis that you wouldn't discover on a first visit. These are just a few of my (many) favorite places. #seekerchallenge
  • French Polynesia favorites (and a few for next time)

    I went to French Polynesia in 2019 and split my time between Tahiti and Mo'orea. Needless to say I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the beauty and culture (and also one of the only people traveling solo, lol). This list has the best places I visited between Tahiti & Mo'orea and also a few other islands I heard about from other folks. I'm so down to go back, maybe with a husband next time.
  • Places I wanna go in Indonesia (outside of Bali)

    I live in Bali, and honestly, it's pretty hard to leave the island when things are as good as they are here. There's a ton to see around Indonesia though and I'm eager to plan some more "out there" trips.
  • Best places to visit in the lovely state of New Mexico

    I lived in New Mexico for 2 years when I was a kid. It’s a weird place, and I say that with a completely endearing tone. The nature is unreal for starters, and then you get authentic Mexican food and tons of art galleries and well, to this day I’m sold. Cheers to the American Southwest!!
  • Best places to check out around Canggu

    Canggu is popular among expats, surfers, digital nomads, yogis, and beach-seeking vacationers. It's a super fun area of Bali where foreigners and locals alike enjoy the vibrant energy — and you'll probably end up staying longer than you expected. Hell, I was supposed to come here for one month and it has been ten. These are a few places you should definitely check out if you're in town!
  • Bali: Best beaches around the island

    I've been living here for almost 10 months (!!) which is crazy to me — and I've had a lot of time to explore the various beaches that this island is so well-known for. My favorites are definitely down in Uluwatu, but there are plenty of unique finds across the island. It just depends what you're into. Between water sports, lounging, day cocktails, or marine life — there's plenty of options for every preference.
  • Bali: Best waterfalls around the island

    Once you head up north to the mountainous region of Bali — prep yourself to chase tons of waterfalls because this area is full of 'em!!
  • Peru: Most stunning sights across the country

    Mountains, deserts, cities, jungles -- Peru has every type of landscape and I actually couldn't believe the diversity when I was there?! You have to see them all seriously

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