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Hey pals, I'm Leah (she/her): dog mom, veggie eater, writer, editor and Content Manager at Seeker. When on the road, I'm all about finding spaces that are unique, comfy and cozy. I'm currently cruising around the US with my pup, Fiona — send us your cabin/yurt/a-frame/tiny house recommendations!

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  • Places I've been
  • Aesthetic Dispensaries in the U.S
  • National Parks East of Chicago
  • Things to Do Near Tampa, FL
  • New Mexico Bucket List I'm headed to New Mexico in December and am planning a totally solo, COVID-safe getaway with my pup Fiona. We snagged a casita between Santa Fe & Taos and plan to hit all the best hikes within reach. Food stops are for take-out only, national parks will be visited on off-days, and museums will have to be saved for the next trip (RIP Meow Wolf).
  • 2020-2021 Roadtrip In September 2020, I sold all my stuff, packed up my car, and hit the road with my 12-year-old pup, Fiona. We started in Vermont and are currently in New Mexico. Up next: Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  • Dreamy, Movie-Inspired Bucket List I'm definitely not a film nerd, and can't tell you anything about the magic behind the scenes, but what I can say is: watching these places on screen makes me feel things. From the shoe-box Vienna record shop in 'Before Sunrise' to the sweaty Italian cobblestone streets in 'Call Me By Your Name,' I'd go out of my way to visit the real-life places that inspired all my comfort movie dreams.
  • Things to Do Near Biloxi, MS
  • My Fave Chicago Record Stores
  • The Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago
  • Best Cocktail Bars in Chicago
  • The Best Places to Find Vegan Desserts in Chicago
  • Coolest Chicago Music Venues I grew up running around with friends at the Park West. I lounged while listening to ABBA cover bands from the lawn of Ravinia. The first place I drove solo was for vegan food and late night tunes at the Beat Kitchen. I feel in love with storytelling at SPACE, danced alone at the House of Blues, and not-so-smoothly chatted up Ryan Gosling at Schubas (true story folks). I don't live in Chicago any more, but its music venues are in my bones. If you're looking for live music any night of the week, this list the best place to start.
  • Bomb Vermont Breweries Vermont is known for fall foliage, winter sports, maple syrup, and, perhaps most importantly, bomb local brew. I’ve lived in Vermont for 10 years + I've tasted lots and lots of beer. From lakeside gems to mountaintop beauties, here are my absolute fave Vermont breweries.
  • The Perfect Laid-Back Weekend in Montreal Famous for its electric vibe and rockin’ nightlife, there are hundreds of things to do in Montréal after dark: mad events, music festivals, swanky bars, and sexy cabaret shows. But where do you go if you just want to sunbathe in a park, see some art, soak in a hot pool, and eat your weight in vegan comfort food? From snug brunch spots to serene floating spas, I vetted a ton of places to find the chillest escapes. Comfy up and get ready to enjoy a perfect laid-back weekend Montréal.
  • Do Before I Die Destinations If I don't get to sip tea in Sri Lanka's hillside, read books in the Lake District, cozy up with Christmas lights in Zermatt, and watch grizzlies catch fish in Alaska before I die, I'm gonna *riot*. From the totally obtainable (White Sands National Park) to the obscure (Lofoten), here's my big, bad, do-before-I-die bucket list. #seekerchallenge
  • The Chillest Mountain Towns in the US
  • Arches, Canyonlands & Dead Horse in 1 Day While planning a drive from Bozeman, MT, to Santa Fe, NM, I knew that I had to stop and see at least two Utah National Parks on the way. Arches & Canyonlands are a natural pair: located side-by-side, you can totally hit both in one long day. While a 12-hour itinerary means no long hikes, you can see most (if not all) of the major landmarks from your car or by trekking 10-20 minutes off road. Dead Horse is a bonus if I finish both parks before sunset! Staying in Moab two nights for easy access.
  • Coziest Winter Getaways
  • Best Hikes in Vermont If you're into crisp fall foliage, winding waterfalls, sweeping views, foothill farms, summit swims, and petting *all* the trail dogs, Vermont hiking is for you. If you're not into those things, I mean, who even are you? The best part about Vermont hiking is that it's accessible: every climb is doable in a day (besides the Long Trail, we'll get to that later), with promises of beer flights and yummy local bites when you safely make your way back down. I've spent the last 10 years testing Vermont's trails so that you don't have to & here are some of my faves:
  • Yellowstone National Park in 1 Day
  • The Best Record Shops in Montréal Clubs, cocktails, music, art: Montréal is hip AF. The best part? These niche scenes aren't at all intimidating. See ya never, snobby High Fidelity vibes. Each record shop on this list is cool, clean and welcoming. From vinyl/coffee shop combos to one of the biggest selections 60's rock tunes in the city, here are my favorite spots to pick up a record in Montréal.
  • Top Day Trips From Burlington, VT Perfect for visitors who have an extra day to kill and locals who need to skip town (hey college move-in week). I've lived in Burlington for 10 years, and these are my favorite day-trips between 40mins-2 hours of BTV. From hikes and trails to breweries and swimming holes, here are my 10 favorite escapes.
  • Beer & Beaches in Nosara, Costa Rica Surf & yogi haven, hidden gem, home of the best frozen banana coffee—Nosara is, by far, one of easiest and breeziest places I've ever been. While there's local shopping, yoga classes, and extreme adventure a'plenty, my focus was on three things and three things only: vegan food, good beer and beautiful beaches. Pura Vida, folks!
  • Coziest Cocktail Bars in Montréal Drop the shitty beer. Shovel down the rest of your poutine. When it comes to late-night eats and drinks, Montréal is one of the grooviest places in the country. While the city's club scene is world-famous, let's be real, I'm 30 and that just ain't my speed. Why not cozy up at one of these dimly-lit, aesthetic AF, speakeasy-style cocktail bars instead? Sounds like a plan. Here are some of my faves (+ drink and vegan food recs)
  • Mystical Places in Northern Israel Northern Israel (AKA, the North District or the Galilee) is a totally underrated blend of quiet beaches, mystical grottoes, climbable peaks, and wildlife sanctuaries. Yes, do the tourist thing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but then head north to experience one of the most pristine and diverse areas in the country. Even better if you're up for adventure.
  • Coziest A-Frame Cabins in the US Wood paneled walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, twinkling lights, comfy loft spaces and crackling wood stoves: there's no where cozier than an a-frame cabin in the woods. From giant a-frame ski resort chalets to lakeside a-frame tiny homes, here are my favorite cozy a-frame cabins in the US.
  • Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Near Burlington, VT For a small city, Burlington's vegan options are a'plenty. I've been plant-based for 15 years and have lived in Vermont for 10. From grab & go bites to 3-course meals, here are my fave vegan-friendly eats in and near Burlington, VT.
  • The Adirondack High Peaks

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