Singapore is renowned throughout Asia for featuring some of the most delicious food at the intersection of culture. With a combination of Chinese, Malaysian, and British influence, Singapore serves up unique dishes to satisfy any palette. From classic street food in bustling markets to high-end culinary experiences, Singapore cuisine is sure to keep foodies busy and satisfied.

I haven’t been to Singapore yet but it’s always called to me and remained higher up on my list. During the pandemic, I naturally planned a dozen of future trip itineraries (several based around Asia) and each time I aimed to see if Singapore could be hit as a pre-stop. There’s at least sixty places currently on my bucket-list and I hope Singapore is the next spot I check-off.

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One of my favorite places in Southeast Asia! This high-tech city is modern and stunning. It's one of the more expensive countries in the region, but the hawker centers are full of tasty and affordable meals.

Singapore is unique in that it is both a city and a country, and has established itself as one of the most futuristic cities on the planet. Full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, delicious food from the diverse cultural landscape, and sprawling lush botanical gardens- there is something for everyone at this destination. Soak in the world-famous infinity pool at marina bay sands and try traditional street foods that beat any 5-star restaurant in the traditional markets.

If you are looking to enjoy eco-friendly activities in the center of a lush metropolis, look no further than the futuristic country of Singapore. Deemed as one of the most environmentally friendly destinations on the planet, Singapore is pioneering eco-conscious cities and has one of the largest sprawling botanical gardens on the planet.

You might want to ring fence a little of the budget for this one: Southeast Asia backpackers have been known to survive on budget Singapore street food (plus a fair share of insta-noodles and 7/11 mashed potatoes) in these parts. And it’s true, the prices crank skywards in this modern megalopolis. It’s a banking and business hub with some of the cleanest streets and the coolest airport on the globe. Still, a couple of days is all it should take to explore the curious mismatch of districts. There’s Chinatown, lit by red lanterns and sizzling with soy-doused noodles. There’s Little India, where Keralan thali meals are served on banana leaves. Oh, and don’t miss the Marina Bay, with its futuristic Supertrees and skyscrapers.

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