Cities Known For Incredible Food Markets

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Nothing motivates us like food when it comes to our travel destinations- and food markets allow optimal chances to sample as much local cuisine as we can in a short period of time (and often some of the tastiest. Whether it's exploring the buzzing night markets of Taiwan with iced bubble tea in hand, enjoying *the freshest* sushi in Tokyo, or trying Toronto's unique peameal bacon- these markets are sure to make your mouth water.

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  • İstanbul in İstanbul, Turkey

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      Delicious and fresh vegetables, fish, savory and sweet street food served up fresh- Istanbul has no shortage of incredible food markets to fill up your itinerary. One of the most famous markets in the city remains the historic Kadikoy Carsisi, at this buzzing spot you can easily eat your days away with authentic Turkish cuisine (which we highly recommend trying as much as you can).

  • San Francisco, United States

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      San Francisco is no stranger to fresh local food markets, and the city has plenty of local ones every week that feature the finest produce of California- but we highly recommend any food-focused travelers to visit the legendary Ferry Building Marketplace. Along with fresh sourdough bread, seafood, and other tasty bites- this historic destination is an essential aspect of SF that you won't want to miss.

  • Toronto in Toronto, Canada

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      Toronto's Saint Lawrence Market is a quaint destination that features fresh produce, local dishes, and some of the finest seafood in North America. Enjoy exploring the historic location, tucked away in Toronto's sparkling downtown neighborhood, and sample incredible produce, peameal bacon sandwiches, and oysters for an excellent start to any day.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      Probably the foodie capital of the world(most Michelin star restaurants of any city)- Tokyo's famed food markets are a must-see for anyone heading over to this incredible destination. The Toyosu fish market (previously Tsukiji) has garnered international attention for its incredibly fresh, tasty sashimi and fish dishes that are truly like no other.

  • Taipei City, Taiwan

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      The night markets of Taipei are hectic and massive, bustling with tasty eats, ingredients, and other must-see attractions. These night markets encompass hundreds of fresh food stalls serving everything from milky bubble tea to spicy Taiwanese noodles. Whatever you are craving, we guarantee you can find it at this bucket-list attraction.

  • Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand

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      Bangkok has plenty of world-class food markets that will make any foodie salivate, from authentic dishes to fresh street food, everything is cooked up fresh. With incredible destinations such as Khlong Toei and Wang Lang Market, these markets have everything; authentic ingredients, fresh produce, and tasty food stalls, Bangkok food markets can fill up an entire day of your itinerary.

  • Singapore

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      The bustling Hawker Centres of Singapore is a must-see for anyone traveling to the shimmering city-state of Singapore, a true melting pot of culture and cuisine. Enjoy authentic Chinese, Singaporean, and Malaysian dishes freshly cooked for an excellent price- a favorite exploration site for famed foodies including Anthony Bourdain.