Discover the World's Best Kept Secret Speakeasy Bars

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Everyone has a fantasy of pushing a bookcase to uncover a hidden world. Speakeasies are our childhood dreams true — with some fancy cocktails included. We chose these destinations based on the ambiance created through moody lighting and carefully chosen interior design, the quality of the beverages and dishes served, and, naturally, the exclusivity provided by how well hidden they are. Follow us, Seekers, as we explore the world's best-kept secrets.

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  • The Washhouse in Manchester, England

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      The Washhouse speakeasy in Manchester is a hidden gem that you won't find without insider knowledge - the entrance is disguised as a laundromat! Once inside, you'll be transported to a vintage era with its retro decor, classic cocktails, and friendly atmosphere. Don't forget to snap a picture in the old-fashioned phone booth before you leave.

  • The Garret in New York, United States

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      Located above a Five Guys burger joint, The Garret is a hidden gem in the heart of the bustling West Village. Look out for the secret upstairs bar, accessed only through a hidden door in the back of the Five Guys. With exposed brick walls, plush leather couches, and a menu of delicious cocktails, this speakeasy is the perfect spot to cozy up with friends for an intimate night out.

  • Little Red Door in Paris, France

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      Little Red Door is not just any ordinary speakeasy in Paris, it's a creative laboratory for mixologists to experiment and concoct unique drinks. The entrance may be understated, but once inside, the whimsical and colorful decor will transport you to a magical world of cocktails. Don't be shy to try something new or let the bartenders surprise you with their imaginative creations.

  • The Vault, United Kingdom

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      Hidden behind a bookcase within the oldest whiskey shop in London, Milroy’s of Soho, lies The Vault speakeasy. This unassuming cocktail bar features stripped-back decor, with exposed brick walls and dark woods creating a cool and brooding atmosphere. To ensure entry, it's recommended to book in advance or arrive early to avoid missing out on the experience.

  • The Franklin Bar, United States

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      The Franklin Bar in Philly is a cozy hideaway with a relaxed ambiance, hidden behind a secret door within a nondescript storefront. With an extensive selection of whiskey and innovative cocktails, their award-winning bartenders are ready to mix up something special. Just don't forget the secret password to gain entry - it changes daily, so check their social media accounts for the latest clue.

  • The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in London, England

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      The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is an absolute must for those seeking an exclusive speakeasy experience in London. To find it, patrons enter through a vintage Smeg fridge inside a busy diner. Once inside, the ambiance is a mix of eclectic and charming, with whimsical decor that will make you feel like you've stumbled into a forbidden world of secrets and cocktails. Be sure to try their signature drinks, like the Mayor's Old Fashioned or the Mezcal Mule, for a truly memorable experience.

  • The Baxter Inn in Sydney, Australia

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      Tucked behind an unmarked door in the bustling CBD of Sydney lies The Baxter Inn, a speakeasy that takes you back to the golden age of cocktails. The dark and moody interior is decorated with vintage whiskey bottles and jars, making it the perfect spot for whiskey lovers. With over 800 different types of whiskey to choose from, it's no wonder why The Baxter Inn has been named one of the world's best bars.

  • Sunshine Laundromat in New York, United States

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      Hidden behind a fully functioning laundromat, Sunshine Laundromat offers vintage pinball machines, neon lights, and a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the secret entrance - it's disguised as a washing machine!

  • WODKA TONIC, Japan

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      WODKA TONIC in Tokyo is a speakeasy with a twist - it's hidden behind a vending machine in a basement, accessed by entering the correct code on the machine's buttons. The interior is cozy and dimly lit, with exposed brick walls and wooden beams, and the drink menu focuses on creative and innovative cocktails featuring, you guessed it, vodka! So whether you're a fan of classic drinks or looking to try something new, WODKA TONIC is the perfect spot to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

  • The Croft Institute in Melbourne, Australia

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      The Croft Institute in Melbourne is a quirky speakeasy that's part science lab, part cocktail bar. Enter through an unassuming door and make your way past beakers, lab equipment, and even an old dentist's chair to find yourself in a dimly lit space, complete with a pool table and vintage posters. Sip on creative cocktails with names like "The Bunsen Burner" and "The Penicillin," or try one of their house-made infusions for a unique drinking experience.

  • SafeHouse in Milwaukee, United States

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      The SafeHouse speakeasy in Milwaukee is not your average bar - to enter, you'll need to know the secret password and complete a top-secret clearance test. Once inside, you'll find yourself surrounded by spy-themed decor, including hidden doors, secret passageways, and spy gadgets. Don't forget to try their signature Spy Burger and wash it down with a Spy's Demise cocktail.

  • Tausend in Berlin, Germany

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      Behind an unmarked door in a nondescript courtyard in Berlin Mitte, Tausend is a hip speakeasy that boasts a stylish, industrial interior and a 1920s vibe. The entrance to the bar is hidden behind a thick, velvet curtain, adding to the air of mystery, and once inside, guests are treated to expertly crafted cocktails and live music that will transport them back in time to the heyday of Berlin's golden age.

  • The Blue Room in Burbank, United States

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      Tucked away behind a nondescript door in Burbank lies the Blue Room, a hidden gem of a speakeasy that transports patrons to the Prohibition era. Step inside and you'll find yourself surrounded by vintage decor and plush seating, while a jazz band sets the mood with lively tunes. But finding the entrance is all part of the fun - it's hidden behind a bookcase, and you'll need to solve a riddle to unlock the secret door.

  • Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco, United States

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      Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco is the epitome of a classic speakeasy, with a hidden entrance and a secret password required for entry. Once inside, you'll be transported to a bygone era with vintage decor, including a bookcase that doubles as a secret door. Pull up a chair, sip on one of their signature bourbon cocktails, and take in the cozy ambiance of this hidden gem.

  • Spirito, Italy

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      Spirito is a stylish speakeasy that offers a sophisticated cocktail experience. The bar is hidden behind an unassuming facade and the entrance is marked only by a small sign above a doorbell. Once inside, patrons are greeted by a chic and intimate atmosphere, with sleek leather chairs, dim lighting, and an impressive selection of spirits and mixers.

  • Operation Dagger in Singapore, Singapore

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      Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Operation Dagger is a quirky speakeasy that's perfect for the adventurous drinker. With a menu that features innovative cocktails made with unique ingredients like squid ink and white truffle, this hidden gem is sure to surprise and delight. And with a secret entrance that's disguised as a back alley, finding this underground bar is all part of the fun.

  • Panda & Sons in Edinburgh, Scotland

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      Panda & Sons speakeasy in Edinburgh is disguised as a barber shop, complete with antique chairs and retro décor. Behind a secret bookcase, you'll find a lively bar with a prohibition-era vibe, serving up creative cocktails, craft beers, and delicious snacks.

  • Local Edition in San Francisco, United States

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      Local Edition speakeasy in San Francisco takes you back in time to the golden era of journalism. Nestled in the basement of the Hearst Building, this unique bar showcases an array of vintage newspaper clippings and typewriters. Their cocktail menu is just as impressive as their decor, with a range of classic and creative drinks to choose from.

  • Mendeleev Bar

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      Mendeleev Bar in Moscow is a sophisticated speakeasy named after the father of the periodic table. The bar offers a menu of creatively crafted cocktails, including unique and daring concoctions made with ingredients like bacon, beetroot, and oyster. The hidden entrance on Petrovka Street and dimly lit interior add to the mysterious ambiance of the bar, making it an exciting spot to experience the city's nightlife.

  • Can You Keep A Secret, Australia

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      Can You Keep a Secret? This aptly-named speakeasy in Woolloongabba, Australia, is a hidden gem that will transport you back in time. Hidden behind a bookshelf, the intimate and cozy space is known for its expertly crafted cocktails and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Backdoor 43 in Milano, Italy

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      Located in Milan, Backdoor 43 holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest bar in the world, with a capacity of only four people at a time. Despite its size, the bar offers a unique experience, with a focus on classic cocktails and a rotating menu of innovative drinks. The entrance to the bar is also unassuming, hidden behind a nondescript wooden door on a side street.

  • Adults Only in Los Angeles, United States

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      Adults Only is a unique speakeasy in LA with a playful vintage ambiance and an old-school movie theatre as its entrance. The bar serves up innovative cocktails with cheeky names like "Sex Panther" and "Gentleman's Vice" in a cozy, dimly lit space.

  • Callooh Callay in London, England

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      Callooh Callay in London is a whimsical speakeasy featuring quirky decor like a giant Narnia-inspired wardrobe entrance and a "floating" copper bar. Their creative cocktails, like the "Bromance" with mezcal and grapefruit, are just as playful as their surroundings.

  • The Green Light in Raleigh, United States

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      Step into this 1920s inspired speakeasy and enjoy a wide variety of handcrafted cocktails and live jazz music in an intimate and cozy setting. Make sure to try their signature drink, the Green Light, made with absinthe, gin, honey syrup, and lemon juice for a truly unique experience.

  • Room 13 in Chicago, United States

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      Room 13 is a dark and moody speakeasy located in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood, with an intimate atmosphere that transports you back to the roaring 1920s. This hidden gem offers an extensive list of classic and creative cocktails, and the entrance is marked by a simple "13" above an unmarked door, adding to the allure of this prohibition-era hideaway.

  • Moonshiner in Paris, France

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      Moonshiner in Paris is a hidden speakeasy with a unique entrance: a faux pizzeria. Behind a secret door in the back of the pizzeria, you'll find a cozy and dimly lit bar with a wide selection of classic and original cocktails. The atmosphere is lively and intimate, making it a perfect spot for a night out with friends or a romantic date.

  • Noble Experiment in San Diego, United States

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      Noble Experiment is a popular speakeasy hidden inside the well-known restaurant, Neighborhood, in San Diego. The drinks are creative and expertly crafted, with a rotating menu that changes regularly. The signature "Reservation Only" cocktail is a must-try, made with bourbon, Aperol, grapefruit, and lemon juice.

  • Buck and Breck in Berlin, Germany

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      If you're looking for an intimate and secretive drinking experience, head to Buck and Breck in Mitte. With only 14 seats, this bar is the epitome of exclusivity, and to get in, you'll need to ring a discreet buzzer outside a disguised storage space. Once inside, indulge in their signature Buck & Breck cocktail, a historic recipe that packs a punch. And don't forget to leave your phone at the door – it's all about being in the moment at this speakeasy.

  • Foxglove, Hong Kong

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      Step into a world of adventure at Foxglove: a hidden speakeasy on Hong Kong Island disguised as an umbrella shop. The design team created a bespoke atmosphere inspired by an English gentleman's travels, complete with brass-edged wall cabinets showcasing silver-handled umbrellas. The space is named after his love's favorite— yet potentially deadly— flower, the Foxglove.

  • Lock & Key in Los Angeles, United States

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      Hidden behind a facade of an unassuming karaoke bar, Lock and Key is a speakeasy in LA with a unique concept. You have to find the key to unlock the hidden entrance, but once you're in, you'll be transported to a cozy atmosphere, great cocktails, and a wide selection of spirits.

  • No Vacancy in Los Angeles, United States

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      No Vacancy is a hidden speakeasy in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, featuring a vintage-themed decor, live music performances, and delicious cocktails. It's located at 1727 N Hudson Ave, behind an unmarked door that leads to a secret garden patio and a historic mansion-turned-bar.

  • Le Syndicat in Paris, France

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      Hidden behind an unmarked door in the vibrant 10th arrondissement of Paris, Le Syndicat is a renowned speakeasy that specializes in creative cocktails made with high-quality French spirits.

  • Bank Bar, Philippines

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      Uncover the allure of Bank Bar, a hidden speakeasy nestled within Bonifacio Global City's bustling streets. Concealed behind the doors of a Seven Eleven, this elusive hotspot offers a sweet escape from the city's chaos. Once inside, indulge in creative cocktails, revel in the upbeat ambiance, and dance to the beats of top-notch DJs.

  • Jules Basement, Mexico

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      Jules Basement in Ciudad de México is more than just a hidden speakeasy disguised as a taqueria. With its creative cocktails crafted from high-quality ingredients, chic and intimate ambiance, and excellent table service, Jules Basement is a standout among the city's many bars and a must-visit for anyone seeking a sophisticated night out.

  • Midnight Cowboy in Austin, United States

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      Indulge in the allure of Austin's Midnight Cowboy: a reservations-only speakeasy nestled on 6th Street that embraces its intriguing past as a former brothel and massage parlor. With a secret entrance, vintage decor, classic cocktails, and a hauntingly unforgettable vibe, this intimate lounge is a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and memorable experience in Austin.

  • HR Giger Bar Museum in Fribourg, Switzerland

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      Enter the surreal world of HR Giger Bar Museum in Fribourg, Switzerland - a hauntingly beautiful space designed by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger. With its biomechanical sculptures, eerie lighting, and signature skeletal motifs, this unique establishment serves as both a bar and a museum, allowing guests to sip on themed cocktails like the Alien and the Necronomicon while immersing themselves in the dark and surreal art of the renowned artist. A must-visit for anyone seeking a truly unforgettable and otherworldly experience.

  • Williams & Graham in Denver, United States

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      If you're looking for a truly hidden gem in Denver, look no further than Williams and Graham - a speakeasy with an unmarked entrance that transports you back in time. Once inside, you'll be surrounded by vintage decor and a friendly atmosphere, with a cocktail menu that boasts creative libations like the Smoke and Dagger and the Chicago Cocktail. It's no surprise that this intimate bar is a local favorite for anyone seeking a memorable drinking experience.

  • Floreria Atlántico in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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      Florería Atlántico is a clandestine bar hidden beneath a flower shop in Buenos Aires. With its rustic decor, diverse selection of cocktails inspired by Argentine culture, and a menu featuring fresh seafood and small bites, this speakeasy offers a unique and immersive experience that combines art, history, and culinary delights.

  • The Raines Law Room at The William in New York, United States

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      With its luxurious vintage library decor, intimate seating arrangements, and an extensive cocktail menu that features unique creations like the High Tea Punch and the Seven Caves, the Raines Law Room, located in The William Hotel in New York City, has become a super sought-after spot for those looking to enjoy a refined and sophisticated drinking experience in a historical setting.

  • 28 HongKong Street in Singapore, Singapore

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      Experience the allure of the prohibition era at 28 Hong Kong Street: a hidden speakeasy in Singapore that is well worth seeking out. With its unmarked entrance, retro decor, and an extensive cocktail menu that features unique concoctions like the Wasabi Bloody Mary and the Fat Cat, this establishment has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike.