11 Ice-breaker stories about places I've been

Josh Wicks

One of the coolest things about being a Seeker Ambassador is participating in the weekly #seekerchallenge that gets me tripping back in my memory (and in my photos) of the many places and experiences I've been a part of on this awesome planet. This one in particular is a fun one!

Valle Concha, Koh Jum, Southcott Pines, Alice Springs, Wolf in the Fog, The Eastside Flea, Waihi Beach, Pouawa Beach, Victoria Butterfly Gardens, Club Maeva, Singapore Changi Airport

  • Valle Concha, Chile

    Image of Valle Concha on Seeker
    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The most instagram-able view I've seen: The Cochamo Valley is one of my favorite places on earth. One of the reasons why is because of its mind-blowing views from up in the hilltops. It literally took my breath away.

  • Koh Jum, Thailand

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The place I dream about retiring in: Ko Jum is a lesser-known little island in the South of Thailand. There is a small community of ex-pats there, living the sweet life off their retirement money. They're probably angry that I'm talking about this hidden gem, but it's a pretty challenging island to get to anyway. If you do find your way to Ko Jum you won't want to leave because it's truley peace on earth.

  • Southcott Pines, Canada

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The best place to get nakey and skinny-dip: As a young adult, Grand Bend on Lake Huron was the place to be for any long weekend. If you were lucky enough to have friends or family with a cottage on the water, there's a good chance you had some naked night swimming fun. For me, that was Southcott Pines. The memorable Ontario summer sunsets and the refreshing water of the great lakes was the perfect combo for cheekyness.

  • Alice Springs, Australia

    Image of Alice Springs on Seeker
    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The place I had my first travel crush: Alice Springs was where I had my first major travel crush. I had moved on from a 7-year relationship that sadly just didn't work. I started working as soon as I arrived in Alice Springs and one of my co-workers was a fiery African model named Grace. If you listen to the lyrics of Tom Petty's "The wild one forever" that sums up our fling.

  • Wolf in the Fog in Tofino, Canada

    Image of Wolf in the Fog on Seeker
    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The restaurant that blew my taste buds away: Wolf in the Fog is the restaurant that blew my tastebuds away. It was helpful that I got to try so many dishes because I ate there with a group of close friends and we all shared the delectable variety of appetizers and fine wine to pair with the mains. I don't even remember what I ordered but all of it was really goooood.

  • The Eastside Flea in Vancouver, Canada

    Image of The Eastside Flea on Seeker
    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The bar that has my favorite drink: My favorite drink is a Dark n' Stormy made by the bartenders of the Eastside Flea which is actually not a bar but a very hip market of local makers, thrifters, and artists in Vancouver. Come for the drinks and stay for the shopping!

  • Waihi Beach, New Zealand

    Image of Waihi Beach on Seeker
    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The best beach I’ve ever been to: Waihi Beach is the best beach for me because I had the best mornings of surf there for a month straight. It's a perfect beach for beginner to novice surfers to progress. There's lots of space and plenty of waves to go around. It's also a great beach for team sports like football or volleyball.

  • Pouawa Beach in Gisborne, New Zealand

    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The place that made me happy about no cell service: We came across this beach after a long road trip to get away from the hustle n' bustle of Auckland. It was so beautifully spread out that we stopped to explore it. When we discovered that there was no cell reception, we decided to set up camp there. We ended up staying on Pouawa Beach for 5 days, writing, meditating, and playing in the sand like kids.

  • Victoria Butterfly Gardens, Canada

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The next destination on my bucket list: The next destination on my Bucket list is not far from where I live. I've never ever been to Victoria Butterfly Gardens but now that I'm a proud father of a curious little one, this place has become a must-visit at the top of my list.

  • Club Maeva in Manzanillo, Mexico

    • the.vagrant.optimist

      The place I went on my first trip: Club Maeva was the first place I ever traveled to by plane. I was 15 years old and this all-inclusive resort made an impression on me without even trying. I met people from all over North America and ate everything I wanted any time of day. Although I would grow up to prefer traveling off the beaten path, Club Maeva was the place that sparked my curiosity in what else was out there in the world.

  • Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore, Singapore

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    • the.vagrant.optimist

      My Favorite Airport: I challenge you to name a more epic airport on this earth. Singapore Airport is a metropolis in itself. You could live there and never have to leave for anything. Theatre, check! Shopping mall, check! Butterfly garden and parks, check! Fine dining, check! I love this place because it is the ultimate travel hub with so many other fun things built into it.