Most Haunted Places In Asia

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Beach vacations, riverside picnics, and a notorious history that remains to this day in the whispers of ghost sightings and mysterious happenings; things are not always as they seem. From abandoned amusement parks steeped in decay to mysterious water spirits witnessed lurking in glistening shores- these destinations are for the adventurous. As Halloween gets closer, we are digging into our archive of spooky destinations across the planet, and these spots throughout Asia are some of the most chilling. Beware, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Aokigahara, Hangang, Yongma Land 龍馬公園, Changi Beach, Clark Abandoned Haunted Hospital, Forbidden City, Lawang Sewu

  • Aokigahara, Japan

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      Known as a destination steeped in nefarious energy, the sprawling Aokigahara is considered one of the most haunted places in Tokyo, located around the grounds of Mt. Fuji. A location notorious for death, the “Suicide Forest” has been witness to despair. Not for the weak of heart or mind, explore at your own caution.

  • Hangang, South Korea

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      There is an ongoing legend of water spirits that lurk the glistening shores of South Korea’s Han River. Based on a history of hijacked ships and turmoil, visitors seeking a peaceful riverside day have reported ghoulish visions of something troubling in the water: ghosts. Whether this is true or not, the Han River is easily one of the most picturesque destinations to visit while touring Seoul, but ghost hunters stay alert: there might be something lurking in the water.

  • Yongma Land 龍馬公園 in Seoul, South Korea

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      Nothing is quite as scary as the decayed bones of an abandoned amusement park, and Yongma Land leaves a chill in the air. Explore the skeleton of a booming past, leftover with rumors of terrible accidents and turmoil. Ideal for camera junkies looking for unique shots and ghost hunters alike, Yongma Land is perfect for edgy exploration in Seoul city.

  • Changi Beach in Singapore, Singapore

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      One of the most beautiful horizons on the planet, Changi Beach is not without a lingering past. Used as an execution spot by soldiers in World War II, Changi Beach carries a deeply troubling history that has led to many visitors describing ghostly encounters. If beach vacations are your thing, consider this magical destination, but be prepared for a potential supernatural sighting as the sun melts into the sparkling sea.

  • Clark Abandoned Haunted Hospital, Philippines

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      A site for anyone fascinated by the eerie world of decay and solemn history, the Clark Abandoned Hospital attracts off-the-beaten-path tourists and ghost hunters from across the planet for its uncanny vibe. What was once a state-of-the-art hospital used to treat wounded military, is a decrepit reminder of a disturbing past. Featured on ghost hunting shows on an international level, this abandoned spot is not for the easily spooked.

  • Forbidden City, China

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      Allegedly haunted by both poltergeists and ghosts, one of China’s top tourist destinations has a mysterious past. With over 600 years of history, the iconic red gates have overwatched executions of the past, leaving the grounds tinged with ghoulish energy. A must-see Beijing spot for plenty of reasons, The Forbidden City is shrouded in a haunted past.

  • Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

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      Named “A Thousand Doors” in Javanese, Lawang Sewu is an antique home to roaming and unhappy ghosts. What was once a military headquarters during World War II, thousands of soldiers lost their lives in the hollow halls of the historic building. Take a historical tour and potentially witness, as many tourists have claimed, some spooky encounters.