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Hey there! I'm Katie — Marketing Coordinator at Seeker, cat momma, sloth enthusiast, and cheese lover. I'm always on the hunt for new restaurants to try and new beaches to fall asleep on. Recently moved from NYC ➡️CLT

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  • Places I've been

  • Things to do in Charlotte

    Running list of things I've done and plan to do in Charlotte! I have a bunch of friends visiting this summer so we've been trying to find the best activities!
  • Dog-friendly places in Charlotte

    Charlotte has to be one of the most dog friendly places I've seen/lived in! With that comes lots of dog friendly places to bring your pup, and great dog watching opportunities. In general, most breweries in Charlotte are dog friendly, but call ahead to double check before you go! In case you didn't know, August 26th is Dog Appreciation Day so head to your favorite spot with your pup and show them some extra love.
  • The 5 Prettiest Beaches on St. Thomas, USVI

    Snorkeling, relaxing, or partying...these beaches have something for everyone! No matter which beach you choose, you'll be greeted with the sounds of turquoise water lapping at the edge of the shore — so put that phone on do not disturb and soak in the island life.
  • Charlotte’s Best Restaurants for Takeout

  • A weekend in Asheville, North Carolina

    Asheville has been on my bucket list of places to see since I moved to Charlotte. 2022 is the year I make it happen!
  • Small businesses in Charlotte to support this holiday szn

  • Cozy heated outdoor spaces in Charlotte

    The weather is finally getting cooler and that calls for cozy fires, hot toddies, and holiday cheer. Check out some of my favorite heated spaces around the city that give off holiday vibes.
  • Spooky Lakes in America

    Lakes have always creeped me out, but a haunted lake is an absolute NOPE for me. If you’re a creepy lake lover (someone? anyone?), these lakes are for you.
  • Yosemite National Park Itinerary

    Headed to Yosemite and here's what we're planning on seein'! This will be my first time on the west coast (best coast?) so I'm excited as heck.
  • Pumpkin picking near Charlotte

    Though it might not feel like the fall weather that I'm used to, I'm trying to get those cozy fall vibes any way I can! These farms are all offering pumpkin picking and are located within an hour distance from Charlotte.
  • Uptown Charlotte Walking Tour

    If you're visiting Charlotte, you likely will stay in the Uptown area as that's where most of the hotels are. Uptown is a great starting point to see what Charlotte has to offer. I recommend walking on a cooler day, the heat down here is no joke but makes a good excuse for ice cream!
  • Best Bites in Charlotte

    Charlotte is quickly growing and so many new restaurants are popping up in the next few months, so I'll keep this list updated as I eat my way through my new city
  • A Week on Martha's Vineyard

    If you're headed to Martha's Vineyard, here's my fav spots to hit!
  • Places that scream "me!"

  • Best Brews in Charlotte

    Moving to a new city obviously means that I needed to find the best places to get my booze on, what better way to meet new people than over a cold IPA? The weather's getting warmer, the breweries are hoppin', and I'm visiting them all to find the best brews that Charlotte has to offer. Plus, they're all dog friendly!
  • Best Places to Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo

    Some of my favorite Mexican places on the east coast! #seekerchallenge
  • Every-day sights that make me grateful to be on this planet

    With Earth Day around the corner, I'm thinking of all the beautiful places that I've seen around the world. No, these aren't all tropical little islands or views that you'll find from mountain tops, instead these are some of the every-day sights that make me grateful to live on this planet 🌎#seekerchallenge
  • Bucket List Destinations

  • The Best Hiking Views in Utah and Arizona

  • Utah's Natural Treasures

    It's hard to believe that these places were formed by mother nature, mothers really are rockstars huh? Hop in your car and head over to these national parks but remember to always be respectful of nature and clean up after yourself! Happy explorin'
  • Hell's Kitchen Eats

    After living in Hell's Kitchen for two years, these are my favorite places to grab a bite to eat after a long day of the hustle and bustle of the city. Grab your mask and head for a stroll to find some hidden gems.
  • Day Trips From Dublin

    If you're staying in Dublin, these day trips were my favorite way to explore Ireland while keeping Dublin as our home base. We booked through Paddywagon Tours, but if you feel comfortable driving on the left side of the road then you can easily rent a car and drive it yourself! Looking back, I wish we drove it ourselves but we were on a time crunch so we couldn't afford to get lost. You'll be back just in time to grab a pint of Guinness from a local pub.
  • Big Apple, Big Appetites

    If you're tired of hot dog stands (street meats as I like to call them), head over to a few of my favorite restaurants. Whether you're looking for homemade pastas, a romantic dinner, or a casual bar, NYC has it all! While the city may sound a bit quieter these days, the food is still worth the visit.

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