Spooky Lakes in America

Katie Camille

Lakes have always creeped me out, but a haunted lake is an absolute NOPE for me. If you’re a creepy lake lover (someone? anyone?), these lakes are for you.

The Manchac Swamp Bridge, Lake Ronkonkoma, Gardner Lake

  • The Manchac Swamp Bridge, United States

    Image of The Manchac Swamp Bridge on Seeker
    • katie

      So in general, I'd stay away from this one. The swamp is filled with gators and it's also (according to legend) where the Rougarou lives...a Cajun werewolf. To make matters more creepy, it's also home to the ghost of a voodoo priestess named Julia, who can still be heard saying "One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me". Someone let me know how the Manchac Swamp is because I don't think I'll be visiting any time soon.

  • Lake Ronkonkoma in New York, United States

    Image of Lake Ronkonkoma on Seeker
    • katie

      Lake Ronkonkoma is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a Native American Woman who committed suicide by drowning in the lake.

  • Gardner Lake, United States

    Image of Gardner Lake on Seeker
    • katie

      Supposedly, there’s a fully intact house at the bottom of this lake that was the result of an attempt to move the house over the lake when it was frozen. Legend has it that the ghosts of the family that drowned can be heard and seen around the area of the lake.

    • seeker they were IN THE HOUSE while moving it?
      • katie Yeah...not too sure who approved that idea 💀