Every-day sights that make me grateful to be on this planet

Katie Camille

With Earth Day around the corner, I'm thinking of all the beautiful places that I've seen around the world. No, these aren't all tropical little islands or views that you'll find from mountain tops, instead these are some of the every-day sights that make me grateful to live on this planet 🌎#seekerchallenge

Outer Banks, Jupiter Beach, Wing Haven, Sheep Meadow, Central Park, Inner Harbor, Lititz Springs Park, Freedom Park, Greenway Path, Sherwood Gardens

  • Outer Banks, United States

    Image of Outer Banks on Seeker
    • katie

      We've been going to the Outer Banks as a family for the last 15 years, and it's probably still my favorite week of the summer. We have 25 people in one house and the chaos brings me peace knowing that I am with my favorite people. Outer Banks may feel a bit "tourist-y" to some, but it has beautiful beaches and is a great place to connect with family and friends.

  • Jupiter Beach in Jupiter, United States

    Image of Jupiter Beach on Seeker
    • katie

      Growing up, we always used to go visit my grandma in Florida for spring break and Easter break. Getting out of the car and seeing the ocean from the little beach entrances on the side of the road was always so exciting to me as a kid. Going back as an adult, I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling from seeing the ocean at grandma's house.

  • Wing Haven in Charlotte, United States

    Image of Wing Haven on Seeker
    • katie

      My mom and I stumbled along Wing Haven while we were exploring Charlotte the other week, there's 3 public gardens and it's a great place to wander around aimlessly!

  • Sheep Meadow in New York, United States

    Image of Sheep Meadow on Seeker
    • katie

      Sheep Meadow is a perfect place to get a recharge from the hustle and bustle of the city. I always loved grabbing lunch and then setting up shop in the meadow with a book and a beach blanket. It's also a great place to people watch on a warm day!

  • Central Park in New York, United States

    Image of Central Park on Seeker
    • katie

      Living in NYC made me have a special appreciation for all things green. While living in the big city lends you sights of towering buildings and beautiful skylines, being able to feel grass beneath your feet is a treat.

  • Inner Harbor in Baltimore, United States

    Image of Inner Harbor on Seeker
    • katie

      I grew up in Baltimore and always loved visiting the inner harbor, especially at night. Something about the way the lights from the city twinkle on the harbor water is especially pretty. But...don't touch the water.

  • Lititz Springs Park, United States

    Image of Lititz Springs Park on Seeker
    • katie

      My boyfriend grew up in Lancaster so when I was getting the ol' Pennsylvania tour, he took me here to see HUNDREDS of ducks and baby ducks (ducklings?) swimming around in the pond. S/o to Mother Nature for creating baby animals for our viewing pleasure.

  • Freedom Park in Charlotte, United States

    Image of Freedom Park on Seeker
    • katie

      Freedom Park is a really gorgeous area in Charlotte, but it's also a great place to go if you love dogs — you'll see lots of pups walking around enjoying the scenery.

  • Greenway Path in Charlotte, United States

    Image of Greenway Path on Seeker
    • katie

      The Charlotte Greenway is a runner/walker/dog-walker/biker's dream. Nicely paved roads surrounded by lots of trees for shade, there's just something about green areas in metropolitan cities.

  • Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore, United States

    Image of Sherwood Gardens on Seeker
    • katie

      I always loved visiting these gardens in the spring when I was a kid, luckily these gardens were minutes from my college so I would make it a point to stop by when the tulips started blooming!