Places that scream "me!"

Katie Camille

Cliffs of Moher, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Saint Thomas, Mikonos, Power Plant Live!, Lilia, The Suffolk Punch, Varkiza, Mount Washington, Iceland, Puerto Limón

  • Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Ireland

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    • katie

      I really don't think an insta-pic would do this view justice, but it was the perfect reminder about how beautiful this world is!

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

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    • katie

      This was the COOLEST airport I have ever been in. You could charge your phone for free by pedaling at a mini bike, rent a sleep pod to catch some z's before your flight, and they had so many restaurant options. It also has a bunch of real plants all throughout the airport! I never got that grimy airport feeling that I was used to in other airports (no hate, Newark).

  • Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

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    • katie

      If I'm retiring it better be on a beach. St. Thomas would be ideal because it's a pretty quick plane ride from the east coast!

  • Mikonos, Greece

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    • katie

      If my clothes are coming off the water better be warm. Plus, Europe is a lot more lax about nudity than the US!

  • Power Plant Live! in Baltimore, United States

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    • katie

      I can't say I ever had a travel crush, but I did meet my boyfriend here and we've done a bunch of traveling together. So he's my travel crush (haha).

  • Lilia in New York, United States

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    • katie

      hands down the best meal I have ever had

  • The Suffolk Punch in Charlotte, United States

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    • katie

      My go-to drink of choice is typically beer so I can find a favorite in just about any bar, but I love Suffolk Punch's beers!

  • Varkiza, Greece

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    • katie

      This was the first beach I went to the day I arrived in Athens, Greece for my junior year abroad, I was immediately blown away by how clear the water was. I know the Greek islands have crazy cool beaches, but if you are ever in Athens I definitely recommend visiting Varkiza!

  • Mount Washington, United States

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    • katie

      I hiked Mount Washington my junior year of high school and had no cell service after about 30 minutes of hiking. As a teenage girl that was a nightmare at first (especially since it was a two day hike), but I'm so glad I could fully experience the climb!

  • Iceland

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    • katie

      Next destination on my bucket list! Planning to go in October if everything is still somewhat normal with covid restrictions.

  • Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

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    • katie

      This was my first trip (sans parents) that I went on for an environmental internship at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica during my senior year of high school. I'd really love to go back at some point!