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Mysterious Places: 10 of the Spookiest Spots to Visit on Earth

If you’re into spooky stories, unexplainable events, and haunted places, then you’ve landed in the right place. The world is filled to the brim with landmarks that remain a riddle…to this day. Mystery enthusiasts: just like you, we’re all about indulging our weird and unusual interests, so we’ve created this bucket list of mysterious places that you absolutely need to visit!

The Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones, Elbert, Georgia, US.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if our entire civilization and everything we’ve learned got wiped out? Well, you may have not, but someone out there did. The Georgia Guidestones are instructions made by a human for humans in a post-apocalyptic world.

Those commandments, which include creepy rules like “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” and “Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity” were written in eight languages. And even though you’d think that the commandments were clear and simple, conspiracy theorists have been trying to speculate other reasons for the existence of the Georgia Guidestones for years.

We don’t know who put them there, why they did, or why the chose those specific set of instructions. They are massive slabs in the middle of nowhere in Georgia, and they were created by a man who called himself “Robert Christian”. But wait, the plot thickens. This man represented an entire anonymous group who had been planning to create this for twenty years! They believed that human civilization was about to destroy themselves very soon, so they decided to leave instructions for whoever was left on Earth.

Is it a command to cull down the number of human population? Have they been created by a Luciferian secret society? Is it made by people who are calling for a New World Order? Are they a landing site for alien visitors? Is it a giant monument to Satan? Why do the commandments order for the wiping out of 90% of the human population? Are they made for survivors of  nuclear war? We will never, ever know.

Oh and by the way, before we leave you wondering about why the hell those giant pieces of granite exist, let us just tell you that whoever made them made them astronomically aligned, making the Guidestones one of the most mysterious places on earth.

Easter Island

Moais of Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island, Chile.
Moais of Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island, Chile.

Ready to look a mystery the eye? Or, in the lack-of-eyes, to be exact? On the remote island of Easter Island far off of the coast of Chile, hundreds and hundreds of stone heads and torsos stand stranded along long scenic paths. How their creators even managed to transport them remains a mystery (each weighs around 14 tons), and no one even know why they were placed there.

If you enjoy soaking up the tropical sun on a gorgeous beach and staring into vacant eyes in one of the world’s most mysterious places, don’t worry, you can do it all there.

The Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
Pyramids Giza, Cairo, Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza will always be a source of wonder and bafflement, and because of that, it’s one of the most mysterious places on our list. The pyramids have been shrouded in questions ever since the day that they were discovered, and a plethora of unsolved mysteries exist about the inside of the pyramid (an unsolved mystery inside of an unsolved mystery? Give it to me!)

For centuries, people have wondered about, explored, and studied how the pyramids were built with such limited materials and without the use of modern technology. Let’s not forget the pyramids date back 4,000 years, so how something so durable, huge, strong, and precise could have been built has us thinking a bit fat “huh?” Did slaves build it? Did aliens do it? Were the ancient Egyptians as advanced as we are today, but everything was wiped out? No one knows.

But that’s not where it stops. I’ll hit you with a few more Giza mysteries!

Stairway of the center tomb, pyramid at Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
Stairway of the center tomb, pyramid at Giza, Cairo, Egypt.

There’s this major belief that the Pyramids of Giza, specifically the Great Pyramid of Giza, were built as tombs for rulers and wealthy people. Which would make sense. Except….there have been absolutely no mummies found in the pyramids, completely excluding this theory.

Secret, unexplored rooms continue to be discovered, even up until very recently. We can’t even check them out due to fear of damage. So there are just rooms lying down there that we know nothing about.

One more thing, and I know that I’ll have your jaw on the floor: The Pyramids were built in the literal center of the Earth. Whoever built the Pyramids perfectly aligned the three of them with Orion’s belt. With absolutely no technology. Okay. Mic drop right there.

Tikis on Hiva-Oa

 Tikis on Hiva Oa Island, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.
 Tikis on Hiva Oa Island, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

Dramatic natural beauty, exotic lands, and gorgeous waters are just some of the reasons you should visit the Marquesas Islands: one of the most mysterious places on Earth. The Tikis on Hiva-Oa are simple, but enormous, and utterly confusing.

They stand on a temple that was once used solely for cannibal festivities (as if that wasn’t creepy enough), and they range in height and size. They’ve been bewitching visitors for hundreds of years, specifically because they have been growing in height (what???)

The Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines, Nazca Desert, Peru.

If you love a good mystery and adventure gets you going, then you will love the Nazca lines in Peru. Vast patterns scar the sounds of Nazca in the weirdest of shapes — there are drawings of animals, birds, plants, weird geometric patterns, and more.

This spooky spot spans over 1000 square kilometers, and we have absolutely no clue who drew the lines, why they did it, and most importantly: how could they have done it so accurately?! These lines date back 2,000 years and are considered prehistoric remains in South America. But it is a total mystery how they could have done it with such precision. And what was the purpose?

Of course, there are dozens of theories surrounding that. They could have been placed by aliens. Maybe they are a map to an underground shrine, or they outline lost treasures — no one knows.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: where is the adventure bit? Well, due to how massive they are, there is no way you’ll be able to fully appreciate them without getting on a plane so you can see it and experience the sheer grandeur of it all.

Want more adventure in Peru? Head just 3 hours northwest to check out some of our favorite things to do in in Huacachina.

Bran (Dracula’s) Castle

Bran Castle (Castle of Dracula), Transylvania, Romania.
Bran Castle (Castle of Dracula), Transylvania, Romania.

Of course one of the most mysterious places on Earth belongs to the spooky man himself: Dracula. This famous Romanian castle —Dracula’s castle— has become a famous tourist attraction, thanks to its gorgeous intricate designs, historic architecture and beautiful staircases. Add to this multiple reported supernatural experiences (after all, it’s been directly connected to Vlad The Impaler, who is known for his gruesome implement techniques and inhumane torture.)

Paris Catacombs

Paris Catacombs, Paris, France.

If you want to spend your time in Paris walking around over 6 million corpses and skulls, then we’ve got the perfect place for you. This underground tomb is filled with skulls, arranged in thousands of piles, and is even considered a “tourist attraction”. All sounds pretty safe, right? Nope.

In 2009, a video camera was discovered inside of the catacombs showing an unknown man suddenly dropping the camera, frightened by something unknown and running into the complete darkness. On the flip side, people are out there right now having actual parties inside of the hidden parts of the catacombs. Truly bizarre.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean.

I am pretty sure your parents/partner would not be excited about you telling them you’re headed near the Bermuda triangle! And well, for good reason. It is the hotspot for all last ships, vanishing human beings, crashed aircrafts, and more, making the Bermuda Triangle one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

No one really knows why this keeps happening (spoiler alert: it’s not bad luck). Some say it could be magnetic anomalies that are messing up compasses, some say it’s sea monsters, some even think it’s a tunnel to another world. Mmmmkay. Only go if you dream of wanting to never be seen again! (Just kidding, the nearby islands of Turks and Caicos are actually gorgeous.)

Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Fujinomiya-shi, Japan.
Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Fujinomiya-shi, Japan.

This deadly forest is one of the most “haunted” and mysterious places around the world. And while you might think that almost every forest has a reputation for being haunted, this one takes it to the next level. The minute you enter, you’ll be bombarded with signs reading “Your life is a precious gift” or “Think about your family” due to the number of suicides that have been taken place in it’s deep dark woods. It’s actually known for having the second highest rate of suicide in the entire world.

Legend has it that the forest has been haunted by either the ghosts and demons of all the people who have died there, or ghosts and demons that convince whoever visits the forest to take their life. Over 50 bodies are discovered annually, and the corpses are said to move and scream at night….no thank you!


Kryptos, CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia.
Kryptos, CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia.

Kryptos is on of the most mysterious places in America, and definitely one of the most puzzling. If you’re into conspiracy theories, you will love this. Guess who this was made for? The CIA headquarters. When was it finished? The day the Berlin Wall began to fall. When was it unveiled? In 1990!

So this 3.6-meter high “sculpture” is made up of 4 encrypted messages, 3 of which have been deciphered while the fourth still remains one of the world’s most sought-out unsolved codes.

Everyone from professional cryptanalysts to amateur conspiracy theories to avid Redditors have tried to crack it. Let me just tell you — even the NSA (who successfully cracked the first 3) couldn’t crack this one! The 97 letters still remain a mystery, but Sanbrn gave us one hint: six of the letters amongst the 97 letters spell the world “Berlin”.