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Hundreds of years ago, a group of Polynesians rowed out to this remote island and formed large monolithic statues out of volcanic stone, known as Moai. Even with these answers to the origins of these towering sculptures, there is still so much that has not been uncovered. Why did they leave their native land to battle harsh oceans and relocate to this mysterious island? How were they able to move these massive stone structures- and why? Come see for yourself if you can solve the Easter Island mystery.

Ready to look a mystery the eye? Or, in the lack-of-eyes, to be exact? On this remote island far off the coast of Chile, hundreds and hundreds of stone heads and torsos stand stranded along long scenic paths. How their creators even managed to transport them remains a mystery (each weighs around 14 tons), and no one even know why they were placed there. If you enjoy soaking up the tropical sun on a gorgeous beach and staring into vacant eyes in one of the world’s most mysterious places, don’t worry, you can do it all there.

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